What are watch lists?

What are the StockFetcher Watch Lists?

StockFetcher Watch Lists allow you to keep track of stocks and follow their performance. Additionally, you can apply your saved filters against stocks in your Watch List to see if there are any conditions that might help in your next move!

How do can I add stocks to my watch list?

You can add stocks manually by either clicking on the Watch List link beneath the StockFetcher logo above and type in the desired symbols. Or, as you are browsing any of the filters on StockFetcher, you can just check the appropriate stocks and click the Update Watch List button. StockFetcher subscribers have the additional advantage of being able to select up to 200 stocks to place in their watch lists!

How can I configure the Filters used in my watch list? (StockFetcher subscribers only)

The filters applied to your watch list are found in your My Filters section. You can add filters to this list by either clicking on the add to My Filters link when viewing some filters, or by creating new Filter Chains. Each time you add a new filter to your personal filters list, it will automatically be applied against the stocks in your watch list. You can customize every feature of your watch list from the stocks to the right mix of bullish and bearish filters!

What happened to the Match List?

Now nearly any Watch List can be a Match List. You may select the filters to use with your Watch List and then choose the "Auto-Fill" link to populate your list. This allows you to customize not only what filters are applied, but also how many filters must match along with when the matching occurs. So, the Match List feature has not gone away -- you can use it with any list.

Can I create StockFetcher filters using only Symbols from my Watch List(s)?

Yes, by using the apply to watchlist phrase and the nicknames you have defined for your watch lists.

For example, if the nickname for one of your lists is LongShots, then a sample filter using stocks from that list would be:

show stocks where MA(10) crossed above the MA(50)and apply to watchlist(LongShots)

To filter using mutiple lists at once, simply separate the nicknames through commas:

show stocks where MA(10) crossed above the MA(50)and apply to watchlist(LongShots,HotPicks)

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