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General Discussion · wy DUBL is not showing in my filter?
msg #121352
8/17/2014 1:05:39 PM


Please check your ignore list:

Best regards, Support

General Discussion · wrong historical data?
msg #121170
7/29/2014 11:39:45 AM

If possible can you provide more details concerning the data issues you have experienced or are currently experiencing?

Thank you in advance,
StockFetcher Support

msg #121097
7/25/2014 11:15:26 AM

As always, please feel free to send any screenshots or additional details to

Thank you!
StockFetcher Support

msg #121094
7/25/2014 8:47:35 AM

A screenshot would certainly help to illustrate the problem you are experiencing. We were not attempting to be condescending in any way, as we were attempting to answer your question based on the supplied filter snippet: draw the 3 day slope of cema(obv,10) and your description. Without an actual screenshot, or sample symbol, we inferred the problem may have been similar to some support issues we have seen in the past.

For example, again based on your filter segment, we see the following plot:

In this plot, there are 4 lines labeled as follows:

OBV - Source measure
OBV EMA(10) - The "Average OBV", an n-day EMA of the OBV that is described in the OBV help topic
EMA(10) - Your custom EMA of the OBV
3-day Slope of the EMA(10) - The slope as specified in your filter segment.

Now, our assumption was these measures were as expected. However, a problem we are aware of with this measure and some symbols with limited pricing history, it is possible the two EMA's will not be in sync:

The above is the issue we assumed was the source of your question.

StockFetcher Support

msg #121090
7/24/2014 9:56:07 PM

As we are sure you are aware ,the OBV is a recursive calculation where the actual starting point used to seed the measure can drastically effect the actual value of the OBV. Because of this, when computing additional measures/patterns based on the OBV, the starting point may vary. This will result in values that are different; however, the direction and angle of the follow-on measures will match the OBV.

Thank you,
StockFetcher Support

General Discussion · Why search button is missing from forums??
msg #121081
7/24/2014 12:28:41 PM


You can always use the search in the upper right hand corner. Please let us know if you experience problems using this tool.

StockFetcher Support

General Discussion · StockFetcher Search
msg #121060
7/21/2014 9:56:37 AM


When you have a chance, please provide us with an example of something you're searching for but unable to find. This will help us understand where we might improve the google based indexing process.

Thank you, Support

General Discussion · SF refer ATY
msg #119587
5/12/2014 10:30:27 AM

Please try adding a space after the '>' symbol.

Fetcher[Show stocks with Average True Range(50) > 5]

StockFetcher Support

Announcements · StockFetcher Back-testing - Request for Feedback
msg #119432
5/7/2014 1:50:44 PM

We're looking for your feedback on changes to how StockFetcher addresses analyzing past filter results.

We understand that an important part of developing a StockFetcher screen is understanding how it performed in the past and how to modify a screen to improve the outcome; however, StockFetcher's back-testing platform admittedly has multiple shortcomings. These shortcomings result in a back-testing offering that is nowhere near as robust as other tools available on the market today.

We've always stressed that StockFetcher back-testing is used as a gauge of how a filter performs in the past. However, given the naming of the feature and the options available today, more stress (than intended) is placed on the trading mechanics of a back-test.

That said, we are looking to eliminate any emphasis on "simulation" and focus more on "analysis" of historical filter results. We want your feedback on what functionality you would like to see. For example:

  • specific statistics
  • possible export options for 3rd party simulators
  • report formats
  • public filter ranking statistics

Also, let us know if you have any preferred simulation tools, and how we might be able to work on bringing StockFetcher results into these other tools.

Finally, if you can't live without StockFetcher back-testing, let us know why that is. It is just that kind of feedback that would help direct us in the replacement functionality.

Thank you!

StockFetcher Support

Backtesting Support · Problem with backtesting a filter
msg #119366
5/6/2014 6:46:16 AM


Please send an email with the name of the saved backtest. Also, include the trades (symbols and dates) in error with your email.

Thanks, Support

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