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Announcements · StockFetcher Site Changes (beta)
msg #126063
11/4/2015 9:45:42 PM

What is that orange symbol thing in the lower right hand corner? Do we even need it?

Filter Exchange · How can I make a Swingtrade filter
msg #126037
11/3/2015 6:44:19 PM

Keep it simple and use the Weekly Slow Stochastic(5,5) %K & %D. Or use the Weekly Macd(12,26) Fast Line & Slow Line. Write your filter at your comfort level. I hope that helps.

General Discussion · Question For Stockfetcher Support
msg #125742
10/22/2015 5:33:44 PM

Letter to S.F. Support group:

Problem with Graphing Capability While in New Beta S.F.
When using my Apple I-Pad Air tablet and using your non beta design. When getting filter results from one of my, "MyFilter" filters, let's say it pulls 3 results (companies) and it shows the 3 graphs. I then go into one of them via its "Historical" section located on its chart. Once I am into its "Historical" chart I used to be able to see this chart and see the "buy" arrows from previous times from this filter's programming. Also, I was able to navigate back in time to see more previous "hits", "buy" arrows, on this filter, and having the ability to use my finger to slide the graph up or down on the screen to see everything. Now with this new beta design once I go into the "Historical" section of a specific company's graph not only can I not see the "buy" arrows, but also I can not use the chart for going back in time to see other previous "buy" arrows, or move the chart up or down on my screen. Another words, your beta design has a problem with using the "Historical" section to a graph to which it was found from one of my filters I have saved.

Please find out why the new beta design is not working right in this regard.

Thank you, and please send me a response back soon.

Gary M. Roberts (user name: Marinetoo)

Announcements · StockFetcher Site Changes (beta)
msg #125717
10/22/2015 3:42:55 AM

StockFetcher, this is the message you sent me concerning my other problem I was having with your new design (in Beta):


Thank you for the feedback and we are sorry you are experiencing troubles with the new interface. Any specific details or steps describing the problems you are experiencing will help us clear up any confusion with the new user interface.

In the next week or two we will be removing the opt-out button when all of the user reported issues have been resolved. Support
Vestyl Software, L.L.C.

Once again, I can not get back to your current "home" screen after leaving this beta "home" screen without giving you feedback. You need to fix this so we all con't have to do this every time to get back to the current "home" screen. Thank you, I think, considering I never got any response from my last two emails.


I'm having two problems. The first problem is in the above text I copied from your email you sent back to me about that problem. This second question I have is another problem I'm having with your new beta design while I use my Apple I-Pad Air's. Please read my most current question I have and please answer it. Thank you. This earlier question (see directly above) still is not answered by your staff and I doubt there's a fix to it. The second, most current question, see my post here on page 7 is still not answered. Please if you can do that for me. Thank you.

Announcements · StockFetcher Site Changes (beta)
msg #125672
10/21/2015 2:24:27 AM

Using my Apple I-Pad Air's tablet. In order to get out of the beta design it requires you to input your email name and explain any feedback you have on this new beta design. So far I have given Stock Fetcher 2 heads-up notices / feedback issues I saw as a problem, and thus far no response from Stock Fetcher? As far as I'm concerned this new beta design is broke / flawed in this one work tool regard. Note: This is while using my Apple I-Pad Air tablet. I would appreciate Stock Fetcher to look these two comments I gave in exposing a problem with their new "beta" Stock Fetcher and give me a response. I'm sure they will blame it on my Apple I-Pad Air's antiquated operating system or not understanding my problem, etc, etc. Then ignore the problem and still release their new design.

General Discussion · Petition for a backtest feature to be added/restored to SF
msg #125120
9/21/2015 5:15:43 PM

Jeff, unfortunately your trying to pull an old wooden peg from a piece of timber that has expanded to such a level that it's impossible to pull out. Much the same with trying to get StockFetcher's CEO to revive it again. Yes, we all would like it back but apparently due to cost of keeping it going it is hurting their bottom line (budget). But, it never hurts by trying I say. Good luck!

General Discussion · StockFetcher question
msg #125119
9/21/2015 5:10:43 PM

Are we now using your new home screen version now? Today going into your StockFetcher site I see the new cosmetic look in the home screen. Is it ok to continue using this new home screen? I thought you were still in beta mode? If I wanted to go back to the home screen version we have been using how do i do that?

msg #125046
9/17/2015 1:40:10 PM

Kevin, I have never looked into this site called Stratosearch. What is the difference between that site and the StockFetcher site we are now in?

Filter Exchange · I Look Stupid but I Really Need Someone's Help...
msg #125045
9/17/2015 1:37:38 PM

And it all depends on your timing method in trading. Are you a day trader, short term, or long term trader? Maybe you enjoy shorting stocks? Each trade method changes your filter's characteristics. No one gets good at this filter creating overnight. Study, test, and in time after doing enough paper trades and backtesting will you feel comfortable in using a particular method in choosing worthy company's to invest in. Good luck to you.

Stock Picks and Trading · Bearish News
msg #124728
8/24/2015 10:18:41 AM

Well, cash is KING again! Expert on CNBC was saying there will be another big drop in September too. Isn't it fun to play the market.......NOT! Unless of course you're buying ETF shorts.

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