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General Discussion · Anyone having trouble with Note application on charts?
msg #117450
12/19/2013 3:53:28 PM

Browser is aol's latest version, and I do not see the "note" identity wording at the top of my chart like I had the other day. I do still get the price and date identity just no "note" appearance either in a specific filter finding or when I isolate a particular chart off the filter's finding and go into its "historical" chart (area at the 3mo, 6mo, 1 year, 2 year, historical area on the original filter's screened results (aka "finding"). I was using the notes before today a couple of days ago now I don't see it? What version of aol browser is applicable to your new "note" application?

General Discussion · Anyone having trouble with Note application on charts?
msg #117447
12/19/2013 3:23:26 PM

I am having trouble adding a note to a specific chart derived off one of my filters. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem?

Announcements · Chart Notes
msg #117446
12/19/2013 3:20:13 PM

Why can I not add a note like you say? The other day I was adding a note to a chart now I can not. I have not added any new versions to my aol, or explorer, etc. Today I try to add notes off a particular filter and can not produce a note? Have you temporarily suspended "note" application due to doing work on it? Can you help me on this ty?

Filter Exchange · The RED LIGHT ... GREEN LIGHT Trading System !
msg #117436
12/19/2013 1:34:01 PM

I agree with you Alf. The flips are actually gaps in the P-Sar configuration. The original programmer that mathematically created the P-Sar could put this into his coding as an enhancement to his original code. Everytime there's a gap his coding changes to the other color depending on up and down direction. I commend Alf in showing us this new action view on each stock / equity that is of interest to a trader.

Filter Exchange · The RED LIGHT ... GREEN LIGHT Trading System !
msg #117424
12/19/2013 12:20:41 AM

Hard to beat the SPY, QQQ, and DIA, over time if you did the buy and hold back in 2009 until now. But if it did prove this technique shown here on Alf's Sar chart can identify fairly quickly short term buy and sell points without the use of writing a custom filter and make money doing it I say heck yes, go for it. You can not backtest this because there is nothing to grab for testing. You would need to base your regular stock picks off buy or sell points via the buy and sell points of the major sector ETF's and the market's ETF's. Alf is just thinking out of the box and creating an interesting twist on stock trading.

General Discussion · Modern Portfolio Theory - Harry Markowitz
msg #117415
12/18/2013 3:38:36 PM

Always based on risk percentages. How much risk are you willing to take on when considering portfolio make up and success percentages each gives you back. Your age of course is a vital element in determining risk.

General Discussion · Statistical probabilities
msg #117414
12/18/2013 3:34:59 PM

Your not thinking about, Stock Trader's Almanac are you? There they have statistics on seasonal probabilities up the ying yang.

General Discussion · SF ... Parabolic SAR color plot ...
msg #117413
12/18/2013 3:29:31 PM

Just wondering what StockFetcher staff is doing to fix this charting to make it user friendly and easy on the eyes. Meaning, maybe they could provide vertical color band through the graphing portions, green = buy periods, and red = sell periods? There the Parabolic graphics could be hidden or put down in the lower sections of the graph chart to isolate it away from the pricing graphics on the chart itself. Just saying, where there's a will, there's a way.....

General Discussion · SF ... Parabolic SAR color plot ...
msg #117412
12/18/2013 3:22:43 PM

Also, when going into the "historical" (example, the 3 mo,6 mo, 1 year, 2 year, HISTORICAL modes you can chart for) graph chart associated with charts derived from a particular filter you do not see the difference in Parabolic Sars colors (red and green) like you're supposed to, instead you see one color?

General Discussion · SF ... Parabolic SAR color plot ...
msg #117411
12/18/2013 3:11:37 PM

With the Parabolic Sars graphics being shown on a specific stock chart via your coding is there a way of eliminating the daily candle pricing this chart is also showing. It seems to muddy up the graphics when both the Parabolic Sars dot imaging clashes with the candle pricing images. Too much clutter. I would rather see just the Parabolic Sars imaging alone. See what you can do about that. If not you then maybe StockFetcher staff can make this work. Thank you.

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