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General Discussion · OKAY ! So you've been sentenced to 10 years in prison ...
msg #117124
11/29/2013 3:06:19 PM

My earlier way before our ever abundant filtering tools we now have the luxury of using, I was playing a simple method of, if the stock price moved up 3 consecutive days and if this particular stock was in my "circle of financial gems" I would then buy some shares. Of course, I would never intend buying anything before the market atmosphere was showing "green" light.

Another earlier method was, when charts would show a stock price crossing above MA(50) line I would consider buying it. Again, only using stocks inside my "circle of financial gems".

How far we have come since the early days.

Filter Exchange · rvi | cci | rsi
msg #117078
11/27/2013 12:32:19 AM

Using this site as a storage facility / yearning for help with created filters seems ok as long as SF has the capacity to store and the Forum members to tolerate the continuous filter presentations. For me, if the presented filter looks interesting I will take a gander at it, test it, and if it merits my comments I will say something. If not worth my time I leave it be. That's the beauty of this Forum we have choices. Happy Investing everyone and you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

StockFetcher for iPad · Question for StockFetcher Staff
msg #117016
11/24/2013 10:51:54 PM

Thank you very much.

StockFetcher for iPad · Question for StockFetcher Staff
msg #116959
11/22/2013 1:50:16 AM

I am a new I-Pad user, but, I have been a subscriber here for quite a few years. I was wondering if you could put buy arrows in the charts that are produced via my specific filters I have created in "My Filters" section of the I-Pad environment? It would help me identify when this particular filter in "My Filters" has shown a buy (green arrow) on the charting. The same way we see it happen when we use StockFetcher via the computer.

Your response would be most welcome. Thank you.


General Discussion · Best Trading Approach??
msg #116834
11/18/2013 12:53:02 AM

Best approach for short term and longer term trading and investing is to catch the Bull when he's happy for the longer run. Catch the happy trend ( ie. Spy, QQQ, DIA) for the shorter term trading. You enter in those time frames and you stand a chance at being happy yourself. Day trading, catch stocks that are bi polar by playing the right filter and you will be enjoying sweet successes. Knowing when to get out of trades is an art in itself. Experience at doing it is the key. Remember, if you lose get yourself up and learn from it and get back in the game, and never stop learning. Trading with a poker face approach will help you, trading stocks with too much emotion will pummel you and your wallet. Stay focused and trade with money you can lose.

General Discussion · Affixed Yellow shaded measurements tags on the right side of new chart are obstruction
msg #116819
11/17/2013 4:05:18 PM

On chart created while I am in the "backtest" section, why not box in "yellow" or hightlight the whole box in "yellow" the price value (off to the right side of the chart) showing what the price value is when you put your cross hairs on a particular spot on the chart?

Right now when I do that the box, showing its price, over at the right side (indicating my cross hair fix on the chart) is a black box with a black color numeral to which blends in with other black box and its numeral showing the last days closed price value. If you could please put in color the whole box "yellow" or highlight it in "yellow" indicating what price value the cross hair is currently showing. It would help us see this cross haired price value much better. I use this particular cross hair function in finding what price value I would have had if I would have bought or sold at that point.

Thank you.

msg #116760
11/14/2013 2:12:22 PM

Kevin, did you stop using Tro's Crock Pot filter scenario and now working solely on this new approach? Or, are you still using the Crock Pot approach as your main buying filter and just playing around with this new experiment?

When you are finished with your trials will you run a comparison to both of these methods and let us know which you find as the best filter to use?


General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #116741
11/13/2013 3:09:04 PM

Did you pick up some SNTS before it went ballistically delicious? Amazing how something lays dormant for a little bit then explodes upward. The financials before it going up were very good numbers to begin with. I was just waiting for others to notice it too. I guess they did! Happy investing.

General Discussion · I Can Predict The Future
msg #116740
11/13/2013 3:05:08 PM

Shills, you probably missed SNTS because that stock went skyward. But, you can't grab em all I guess.

Backtesting Support · Problem with Chart Function
msg #116739
11/13/2013 3:02:34 PM

I fixed the graphing problem I had with a segment of the backtest area. By updating my browser to the current version of AOL it seemed to do the trick. The graph now works again. Why only that part of its graphing situations had trouble with the past version of AOL and no other graphing function had trouble has me stumped. But, it works now so all is good. Thanks for your help in this situation.

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