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T line crossoverkatil965434/22/2015 10:04:03 PM
Watcha been humming lately? Share ure favorite tunes...nikoschopen1814/20/2015 3:33:14 PM
add more indicator beneath chartpegasis34/19/2015 8:17:29 AM
Need help with a scanziad44/17/2015 8:28:07 AM
Filter Results Header - Personalising Possible?stammeleer.andre54/14/2015 8:51:43 PM
Hide candlesticks?fotchstecker74/14/2015 8:45:17 PM
Gap up trailing by a bullish candlekatil965414/13/2015 1:01:51 PM
reported 'day change'aarp14/12/2015 1:35:59 PM
can you tell me that how to trade gap stocks as a long posit...katil965444/11/2015 2:18:24 PM
How to draw pet-D tool to identify trend?katil965414/9/2015 10:05:34 AM
oversold and reversingkatil965444/8/2015 8:17:21 PM
Oil related stocks- Last half year beat down and now the the...Mactheriverrat34/7/2015 4:22:15 PM
Audio interview: Michael Covel: ratio | cut loss | run profi...four04/6/2015 12:25:36 AM
Deeply oversold mean-reverting setup for day tradingZeroSum34/5/2015 8:43:52 PM
Screen for slow stochastic not accuratekatil965424/5/2015 8:18:20 PM
Search Posting by keywordspegasis14/5/2015 12:24:19 PM
NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!TheRumpledOne10114/5/2015 11:49:04 AM
price moving above/below centerline of BB 10pegasis14/5/2015 10:37:06 AM
white candle at lower Bollinger bandkatil965474/4/2015 4:04:29 PM
Bullish Morning star trade for long positionkatil965404/4/2015 2:53:36 PM
Trend reversalkatil965404/3/2015 6:57:44 PM
ed seykotafour04/3/2015 1:15:46 PM
T- line trade for long positionkatil965434/3/2015 6:24:02 AM
MACD Histogramdashover44/1/2015 10:37:36 AM
Percent of Bollinger Band?fotchstecker23/30/2015 1:46:29 PM
looking for TAZ setup using MA crossoverkatil965413/28/2015 4:35:23 PM
Discussion: How are YOU Gonna play a Bear market?karennma93/27/2015 11:16:52 PM
FYI: Perhaps: OPTIONS info you might have interest in ??four03/27/2015 3:29:24 PM
how to make setup for pullback stock?katil965493/27/2015 9:13:07 AM
how to find stocks which follow the pattern of dow?katil965423/26/2015 2:36:57 AM
Historical Data by Sector?fotchstecker143/25/2015 5:36:19 PM
regarding stocks with bullish engulfment candlesticks searchkatil965413/23/2015 9:32:06 AM
Breakouts, Reversions, or Breathersdashover23/22/2015 11:09:30 PM
pullback after open in gap upkatil965423/22/2015 9:28:41 PM
increase in the volume on breakoutkatil965423/22/2015 2:17:35 PM
gap up stockskatil965463/21/2015 10:12:56 PM
Daily Short Interest dataguspenskiy1303/21/2015 3:01:34 PM
Green Arrow Buy Indicator Missingmarine203/18/2015 10:23:39 PM
Actual angle of slopefotchstecker53/16/2015 7:19:30 AM
***OPTIONS*** Questionkarennma33/13/2015 7:20:07 PM
MetaStock offerfour13/13/2015 1:29:27 PM
MACD DIVERGENCE QUESTIONgraftonian83/13/2015 10:49:13 AM
Something To Play Withshillllihs303/13/2015 10:11:43 AM
Is there enough blood in the streetsfour03/13/2015 9:47:28 AM
Can you Edit your filters?karennma33/12/2015 10:23:27 PM
RSI(14) value that has crossed 30 anytime between 5 and 20 d...hfeldman13/12/2015 7:12:45 PM
HOW TO MAKE IF STATEMENTS IN SFgraftonian13/10/2015 8:17:35 PM
ColumnsAktienfahnder73/7/2015 2:25:04 PM
Kevin's Posts? Gone?fotchstecker53/7/2015 12:37:04 PM
How can I do a summary column total for %CHANGE SINCE ADDED ...Longhaily23/3/2015 6:43:59 AM
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