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DIVERGENCE IN CORRELATION AS A SIGNAL    new!guspenskiy13144/15/2014 3:52:20 PM
Is it me?    new!joepistell144/15/2014 1:04:01 PM
Is the bottom in for SPYMactheriverrat14/14/2014 1:53:43 PM
FLASH BOYS - MUST WATCH VIDEOTheRumpledOne14/12/2014 9:51:54 AM
slope of the close ??dwiggains04/10/2014 11:16:49 AM
Syntax help for my experimentjoepistell24/9/2014 1:21:38 PM
SF Viral Idea: Index ALL Filter Resultsjoepistell04/9/2014 10:55:36 AM
How to create a filter from scratch.rpmscooters24/9/2014 10:38:11 AM
Backtesting errorstylercabral54/8/2014 3:43:22 PM
Some of my Filters just sit there and hangMactheriverrat44/8/2014 12:50:18 PM
NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!TheRumpledOne9974/4/2014 5:22:18 PM
Best MTC filter/variationsguspenskiy1314/2/2014 10:45:46 PM
Watcha been humming lately? Share ure favorite tunes...nikoschopen1604/1/2014 10:28:20 PM
Searching for preferred stockssbuckman04/1/2014 6:12:32 PM
Back testing exit trigger with ATRStevie-B03/31/2014 4:16:49 PM
Plotting multiple Parameters on same plotmanumoneya23/31/2014 4:08:28 PM
New SF function request - Sharpe ratioKevin_in_GA73/31/2014 1:46:15 PM
Bear Flag FilterGary330223/30/2014 7:14:35 PM
Dow 30JDPugh123/27/2014 10:04:17 PM
Look Back Price and Volume Barsscrambled203/27/2014 7:43:17 PM
Draw non-filter related item on charttylercabral03/25/2014 6:49:40 PM
Does order matter in the filters?tylercabral23/24/2014 2:19:35 PM
Problem using 'has been below' & 'within the last X days'tylercabral73/24/2014 1:40:41 PM
Filter for OHLC on Thursday and Fridaylorence8033/24/2014 12:21:15 PM
Dear Stockfetcher: Why do you not offer volume-by-price?Rock Sexton03/22/2014 6:42:48 PM
SFD syntax problemLonghaily13/20/2014 8:15:49 PM
Best backtest with stocks > $20dashover03/20/2014 11:24:41 AM
Need help creating a filterteenagebuffalo33/19/2014 6:33:53 AM
I just solved Kevin's SPY/VXXshillllihs03/17/2014 10:09:15 PM
add personal notes to stocks in Watchlist ?Longhaily03/17/2014 8:52:30 PM
Ichimoku helpshillllihs23/17/2014 2:26:19 PM
So i'll share this since it might be useless.shillllihs43/13/2014 3:59:20 PM
Help with column filter sort15minoffame03/13/2014 3:37:10 PM
help with custom range pleasepush528023/11/2014 2:59:00 PM
After Hoursshillllihs183/8/2014 8:06:02 PM
Opportunity to learn Linuxfour03/7/2014 11:26:10 AM
Stock Fetchershillllihs13/5/2014 9:33:41 PM
Plotting weekly variables on daily plotsKevin_in_GA33/5/2014 10:21:01 AM
Anyone know if we can add number of trades to out scansjgavros13/2/2014 12:22:30 AM
Stupid Question ... Why no Symbol Search here at SF ?alf4432/28/2014 11:27:22 PM
My favsshillllihs172/27/2014 6:20:34 PM
Stock Picks forumstockfetcher212/27/2014 7:51:00 AM
Concerned about the market? You should be ...Kevin_in_GA292/26/2014 6:55:07 PM
Earnings Announcements Datesbman9952/25/2014 5:07:55 PM
NA.TOjackmack12/24/2014 4:49:48 PM
New to site - wanting simple formula using ATRbobster22/24/2014 4:00:58 PM
Joe B Marwood and I am an independent trader from London, UKfour62/24/2014 2:28:09 PM
The ADX Indicator Uncovered.Mactheriverrat42/23/2014 4:36:49 PM
Buy weakness -* OR *- Buy strengthfour02/22/2014 1:48:02 PM
Investing with DRIPs - Pay/Increase Dividendsfour02/22/2014 1:42:34 PM
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