StockFetcher Intraday Updates

Introducing Intraday Updates on StockFetcher

Results from screens on StockFetcher are now based on delayed intraday updates made during U.S. market hours. Unless otherwise indicated, results will be delayed at least 15 minutes for NASDAQ stocks and 20 minutes for NYSE, AMEX and other markets.

Now you can take advantage of powerful StockFetcher screens while the market is open and not wait for the market close and end-of-day updates. All of your filter results, while the market is open, will be based on the current market conditions.

No additional membership requirements or fees required

All standard and advanced StockFetcher subscribers automatically see the latest results. No change to your membership is required. As you run screens during market hours, your results reflect the latest updates from StockFetcher*. Continue to refresh your favorite screen to find new candidates.

Screens automatically use intraday delayed results

By default screens during trading hours will utilize this data. With a couple exceptions (see below) all of StockFetcher's features are seamlessly integrated with the new data supply. And as always, you can still retrieve results from the previous market day by using the date offset is 1 phrase.

Delayed, not real-time

StockFetcher is a technical screening tool designed specifically for screening and analysis based on daily data. By introducing delayed intraday updates, StockFetcher continues to provide powerful screening results; however, we provide an extra edge in detecting matches during market hours. These intraday updates do not change the fact that the measures and results on StockFetcher are derived from daily, EOD (end of day) results.

Intraday Measures and Charts Not Available

At the current time, your screens still operate only on daily and weekly time-frames. We currently do not have plans to provide screens based on intraday intervals (minutes, hours.)

Features Not Using Intraday Updates

Initially, some features will not take advantage of the intraday updates. These include: generating filter counts for saved filters, watch list updates and backtesting. You can still update your filter counts based on the most recent end-of-day (EOD) values.

*Unless otherwise indicated, results will be delayed at least 15 minutes for NASDAQ stocks and 20 minutes for NYSE, AMEX and other markets.

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EOD Data sources: DDFPlus & CSI Data Quotes delayed during active market hours. Delay times are at least 15 mins for NASDAQ, 20 mins for NYSE and Amex. Delayed intraday data provided by DDFPlus