What is StockFetcher 2.0

Introducing StockFetcher 2.0

StockFetcher 2.0 is a brand-new take on the popular StockFetcher screening and charting interface interface. By taking advantage of Adobe's Flex technology, StockFetcher 2.0 provides much richer stock screening and charts, directly to your browser.

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System Requirements

An up-to-date internet browser (Internet Explorer 6.0+, FireFox 1.5+) and the latest Macromedia Flash (Version 9+) plugin. Chances are if you have been using the existing Flash charts on StockFetcher, you will be able to run StockFetcher 2.0 without a problem! Unlike other interactive charting and screening applications, you are not required to install any new software, outside of your normal browsing.

Does StockFetcher 2.0 Cost More?

There is no additional charge for the new interface. The same differences between standard and advanced subscription levels will apply to StockFetcher 2.0.

Primary Features

  1. StockFetcher filter text-box. Just like the existing StockFetcher, this is your filter text-box where you can enter and edit your filters. Also, to view some examples and quick-access filters, use the drop-down menus located above the text-box.
  2. Filter Results Once you run a filter, your results are located here. Clicking on a row will show the chart for the match. You can also sort and customize the columns displayed with your results here.
  3. Chart Pane Display the chart for a matching stock or by manually entering a symbol at the top left of the chart pane. Hover over any portion of your chart to view specific values for prices and measures. You can also modify the size and other characteristics of each plot by clicking the "gear" icon visible near the upper right of the active plot.
  4. Chart Time Slider This feature allows you to change the timeframe of your chart. Not only can you shorten or lengthen the chart period, you can also scroll back through the last 2 years to view specific segments of the chart.
  5. Chart Customization You can access several chart features in this area:
    1. Chart Annotation Tool Create custom annotations on your charts. Current annotations include lines, call-outs, boxes.
    2. Chart Snapshot Once you have configured the chart to suit your analysis, take a snapshot and share it with friends, post it in your blog or include it on a forum posting.
    3. Chart Type Choose from several different chart type options, including: candlestick, area, OHLC, line and dot.
    4. Add Indicator Include additional, custom indicators on your chart. These are automatically added to your current filter so other stocks will show the same plots.
    5. Magnifying Glass Zoom in on particular segments of your chart.

  6. Layout Switcher Need to see more data columns, or prefer to view taller charts? Use the layout switcher to change your current layout. You also resize individual panes in both views.

    Layout 1

    Layout 2

Coming Soon

Please keep in mind that this is an early preview of the new interface. We have many more features planned as well as incorporating additional support for saved filters, watch lists, as well as other user customizations.

Will StockFetcher 2.0 replace the existing interface?

We have no plans to remove the original interface. However, given the additional future capabilities in StockFetcher 2.0, we can not guarantee that all new features in StockFetcher 2.0 will be available on the original interface.

Having Troubles with StockFetcher 2.0

Please let us know. Click on the Email Us button below and describe the trouble you are having. Since this is a preview version, we definitely expect there will be problems, so please have patience and provide as many details as possible!

If you think you have the correct version of Flash, but StockFetcher 2.0 doesn't run, please try: Skip Flash Version Check

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