What is the difference between 'date offset' and 'days ago'?

In short, date offset is a backtesting feature while days ago is a feature allowing access to past values of a measure. date offset runs your current filter on a specified date in the past. The results returned simulate what you would have seen with that filter on the given date. days ago allows you to refer to specific values of a measure in the past. This is useful if you are interested in finding a characteristic prior to today.

For example, suppose your filter looks for moving average crossover's today, but you are interested in only those crossovers with an RSI(14) below 50 5 days ago.

show stocks where MA(10) crossed below MA(50) and RSI(14) 5 days ago was below 50

Now, if you wanted to test this filter and view the results from 1 month ago, you would use date offset. For example:

show stocks where MA(10) crossed below MA(50)
and RSI(14) 5 days ago was below 50 and date offset is 24

Note: date offset is currently limited to around 1 year of historical data.




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