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Forgot your password?

If you know your StockFetcher member-id, Click here to have StockFetcher send an email containing your password.

Forgot your stockfetcher member id?

If you know the email address you used to register your StockFetcher account, click here to have StockFetcher email your member id. If you do not remember the email address used when your account was created, or if the address has changed, ple...

What are watch lists?

What are the StockFetcher Watch Lists? StockFetcher Watch Lists allow you to keep track of stocks and follow their performance. Additionally, you can apply your saved filters against stocks in your Watch List to see if there are any conditions th...

How can I change my account information (credit card, email, etc.)?

  1. Please make sure you are signed-in to your StockFetcher account. If you see Join Now! near the upper right of the page, please click the Sign In link to enter your user-id and password. 2. Once signed-in, click the Acc...

Is StockFetcher secure (or encrypted) when updating my account?

Absolutely. Whenever you are viewing an account update page, StockFetcher uses  the latest encryption to securely handle your account information. You can verify this by right-clicking (with your mouse) on any of the account informat...

Want to change your StockFetcher password?

Make sure you are signed into your StockFetcher account. If you don't see the Sign In or Join Now links at the top of the page, then you're already signed in.    One signed-in click the Account link near...

Having trouble signing into your StockFetcher account?

1. First, make sure you are entering your user-id and password exactly as you did when you created your account (they are case-sensitive.) 2. Verify that your internet browser is properly accepting the StockFetcher cookie. Several factors can cause...

Are you signed-in, but still seeing delayed results?

If this is the case, then your browser is likely not setting the StockFetcher cookie properly. To verify this is the case, visit the link: http://www.stockfetcher.com/sf/ctest.php Cookie problems may be related to several factors including: ...

Can I use 'date offset' within a saved filter?

No. By design, the date offset phrase is a back-testing feature. To eliminate any potential confusion any date offset references within a saved filter are ignored. You can still test your saved filter on dates in the past using the show results 3 mon...

How do I enable/disable daily emails?

Daily Filter Emails You can enable/disable daily emails for select saved My Filters by clicking the envelope icon next to the desired saved filter(s): To modify how your daily ftilers are sent, visi the Account->Sett...

What is the Global Filter?

  The Global Filter is used to apply common filtering requirements to your saved filters. For example, if you know that you always want stocks in a particular price or volume range, you could add the text to your global filte...

Is the StockFetcher sign-up secure?

Absolutely. Whenever you are viewing an account update page, StockFetcher uses  the latest encryption to securely handle your account information. You can verify this by right-clicking (with your mouse) on any of the accou...

Can I pay for a StockFetcher subscription via check?

We no longer accept payments by check. As an alternative to credit-card payments, we payments by PayPal. See the following topic for more: http://help.stockfetcher.com/sfhelp/?id=100299

Can I send my credit card information via fax or mail?

No, StockFetcher only accepts credit card information via our secure website. We do not accept any billing information via check or standard postal services.  

Why can't I see charts?

1. Typically when this happens an "ad-blocker" or "pop-up killer" is preventing the charts from appearing. These blockers are sometimes configured to not allow pop-up windows, which StockFetcher uses for many charts. Often thes...

My filter returned more than 200 symbols, but I only see 200 when I click the 'download symbols' link.

Currently, StockFetcher only allows 200 symbols (and related) data to be downloaded from a filter for the standard subscription and 1000 symbols with the advanced subscription.  For more on the differences between subscription levels, see...

Can I download filter results to Microsft Excel or other programs?

The [download csv] menu option from the filter results page returns the results in a ".csv" format which can be read directly by third party tools such as Microsoft Excel.   Additionally, you can read the files using a ...

Why does downloading symbols from the watch list only return the symbol name?

The download feature for the watch list is intended for providing you a way to export the symbols of your StockFetcher watch list to other applications. If you're interested in downloading the results, see the download link on the results page.

Can I view measures and charts using weekly data?

You can access weekly measures on StockFetcher by simply adding the keyword 'weekly' in front of the measure. For example: Fetcher[show stocks where the weekly MA(10) crossed above the weekly MA(50)] You may notice that the example above draws ...

Can I view measures and charts using monthly data?

At this time StockFetcher does not support monthly measures, only daily and weekly.

What indices are available?

function showIDXChart(s) { url = "http://www.stockfetcher.com/cgi-bin/popquote.pl?sym="+s; if((top.quoteWnd == null)||(top.quoteWnd.closed)) { top.quoteWnd = window.open(url,"QuoteWindow","scrollbars,toolbar,resizable,width=600,height=600,lo...

Can StockFetcher screens access real-time data?

StockFetcher is based on daily or "end of day" data, and provides "daily" and "weekly" measures and charts. We do perform delayed intraday updates during market hours. These delayed intraday updates are used to update the current "daily" data. Bec...

Can I screen based on intraday data?

Updated Yes. StockFetcher now supports periodic intraday updates. For more information, visit the link below:  http://www.stockfetcher.com/help/Can-StockFetcher-screens-access-real-time-data/100230

I don't see a stock in my filter results

A few different settings can affect whether a symbol appears in your results. First, the most common reason a symbol doesn't appear when you believe it should is related to your ignore list. Check your ignore list for the particular symbol...

Notice a data error missing symbol?

To report any data errors or missing symbols, please click the "Email Us" button below and enter a brief description of the errors.Please provide specific date(s) and symbol(s). We will work to quickly resolve any errors!

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