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Ten Days of Darkness Coming?   view latestkarennma753/4/2021 3:46:41 PM
all time high   view latestcardi53/4/2021 1:30:57 PM
Bullish Steamroller   view latestmoretimeforyou03/4/2021 11:51:30 AM
Modified EMAs--Comments welcome   view lateststyliten03/4/2021 1:01:50 AM
New List of Indices Supportedolathegolf33/2/2021 11:35:03 PM
Does the Candlestick Matching Tool really exist?KennyJ33/1/2021 7:19:23 PM
How can I change this Guppy filter to avoid performance rest...KennyJ33/1/2021 5:24:21 PM
ThinkScriptdleather2543/1/2021 2:48:52 PM
EDGERATER discussiongraftonian483/1/2021 12:50:56 PM
How to code finding last week's high?meatyboy12/26/2021 5:26:37 AM
BITCOIN or Cryptocurrencies ...karennma142/25/2021 7:47:00 PM
Earnings filter?sunspore32/24/2021 8:51:28 PM
Simple historical results should look like this...fotchstecker02/23/2021 1:36:03 PM
Any weekly chart trader's here?Mactheriverrat172/23/2021 1:01:26 PM
Rookie herepawloskijr32/21/2021 11:39:09 PM
Lots of charting problemsyepher82/21/2021 9:35:10 AM
vol expansion filter but needs one tweak...fotchstecker52/20/2021 9:56:31 AM
Charting Wealth questiongraftonian02/19/2021 10:39:26 AM
Interactive Broker's Scale traderJohnyYuma02/19/2021 9:59:02 AM
Need help with finding sideways moving stocksmeatyboy32/18/2021 5:31:35 PM
A personal DUHHH! Momentnibor10022/17/2021 9:20:38 PM
What's the most elegant way?dashover122/17/2021 8:02:37 PM
Newsnovacane3200042/17/2021 4:13:17 PM
sharing a successful trading systemjmolinatrader212/17/2021 2:30:51 AM
John Carter, $1mm- $18mm last yeardashover12/14/2021 2:55:54 PM
Round bottom filtermbshannon1912/14/2021 11:15:12 AM
The hated Bitcoindavesaint86142/13/2021 12:18:58 PM
Can someone help me create this filter?bluesage22/12/2021 4:28:47 AM
One thing I'd really like to see...fotchstecker42/11/2021 11:26:33 PM
Missing candlesticks on filter resultsmeatyboy32/9/2021 8:01:04 AM
TTM Countdashover22/8/2021 6:41:09 PM
How to Use Volume to Unlock Accumulation PatternsMactheriverrat02/6/2021 1:06:48 PM
Breakout Trading Webinar (Kunal Desai) - owner of BullsonWal...Mactheriverrat332/5/2021 11:08:11 AM
How to add extra space at end of chartepepping22/5/2021 1:29:04 AM
Count and displayspauken32/4/2021 10:08:43 PM
Sorting Helpgraftonian02/4/2021 8:13:51 PM
"Market is not OTCBB" stopped working.Dylan22/4/2021 10:29:36 AM
moving average (help)Adrian52/2/2021 4:14:29 PM
Re-engineering an Old Filterkossvet12/1/2021 6:28:27 PM
Shorting with a PUT buygraftonian71/31/2021 10:53:09 AM
Must see Daryl Guppy Videograftonian21/30/2021 1:51:09 PM
Pearson's R?lis01/29/2021 10:10:28 AM
Feedback on creative use of INDPOSITION pleasestyliten01/28/2021 12:38:11 AM
RULESSFMc01211/25/2021 7:44:38 PM
S&P Short Term Oscillatormoretimeforyou61/24/2021 11:34:52 AM
searchcardi11/23/2021 7:37:10 PM
Close is less than 25% below Close 52 week highWil11/21/2021 9:06:20 AM
Find Date - Get Date in Table Outputredversa72101/16/2021 3:32:12 PM
Is this possible ma(200) on 15min?mystockid11/15/2021 8:23:33 PM
Catch stocks (Uptrend just started and in oversold condition...ap09au561641/14/2021 11:36:00 PM
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