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1/1/2018 11:11:01 AM

Honestly Kevin, your endearing personality aside, I do like your posts...however if it comes down to SF hiring a full time moderator and billing us more--I really dont care what Shillihs posts. I would rather have an unmoderated forum and keep costs low like they are now. And actually, there's a ton of value in Shillihs stock picks much of the just comes with extra flavor.

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1/1/2018 11:29:15 AM

"Extra flavor"? Nice euphemism.

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1/1/2018 12:39:14 PM

kevin, ha ha. fair enough. I just like both you guys--both great traders and investors. Hoping it all works out.

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1/1/2018 1:53:20 PM

It's too bad that shillllihs feels like he has to be "the man" all the time. So many posts laced with narcissism and vitriol. Self-absorbed behavior is so unnecessary.
Kevin takes the approach of a teacher. He is concise, thorough, and patient. He shares his knowledge - not to boast but to give back to the SF community.

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1/1/2018 2:09:04 PM

While we actively monitor the StockFetcher forums, we have always preferred members resolve differences in various ways; either via agreeing to disagree, personal use of "ignore" feature or simply not using the StockFetcher forums.

The StockFetcher forums are intended as a community resource for StockFetcher; however, at its core, StockFetcher is a technical screening and charting service. The forums, while an important and active part of that service, are intended to further development and contribution to the core functionality and purpose of StockFetcher.

At this time, we have not seen anything that warrants revoking someone's membership. We do understand, as previously stated by members, there may be consequences of that decision; however, given the options available we feel the current issues could be addressed in other ways.

Happy New Years to all -- and all the best in 2018!

StockFetcher Support

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1/1/2018 3:06:26 PM

Understood. It is unfortunate that you are choosing to take no action and allow the forums to become impacted by a single individual that will see this as a license to continue his current behaviors.

Cancel my membership effective immediately. I have already sent you an email requesting this and the return of the unused portion of my most recent payment.

Thanks to everyone here on SF for making my time here enjoyable, and hopefully I have been able to give back to the community something of value.

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1/1/2018 3:25:40 PM

Well Kevin, on the off-chance that you're still reading what's said here, I hope that you land somewhere that makes you happy. I, for one, would welcome being able to continue to watch your work in your preferred forum.

Best of luck to you, and thanks for everything you've done for my benefit and for others on this board.

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1/1/2018 4:06:33 PM

It's a sad thing to see you leave here, I hope you'll change your mind.
The forum would be a lot less valuable without your contributions.

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1/1/2018 4:33:29 PM

All you really have to know is these three things in life.1)Life isn't fair 2)We don't live in a perfect world.3)We share this world with others.Good luck Kevin,thanks for your generosity...

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1/1/2018 5:53:51 PM

Kevin - Hope you change your mind and decide to stay.


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