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msg #156790
5/12/2021 3:57:15 PM

congrats on your UVXY call !

Filter Exchange · Help transitioning from TC2000
msg #156779
5/11/2021 10:02:54 AM

.@ Ed S nibor100
THANK YOU so much Ed for your generous gift of time and talents.

I've learned a lot from you.

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msg #156768
5/9/2021 1:07:02 PM

@ Ed S nibor100

I am writing this post because you are a respected member of this forum.
I also understand that you are a mathematician (?)

I don't have any proof, but I believe that we are seeing a partial disclosure of a research
on breakouts using (quadratic) piecewise polynomial approximations. Outside of this forum,
breakouts could mean to the upside and/or to the downside. The researcher may
hypothesize that price data might follow some form of spline curve, cubic, or quadratic.
Once the researcher could get a reliable y=f(x) at time t, then s/he could guess y at time t+1

I think your solution posted above may not be 100% correct. A more careful review of the formula
may suggest that the researcher was looking for a difference, not a ratio. Hence, the researcher's
use of ABS.

I think you may be best positioned to take this partial disclosure to a fruitful completion, or at least
to the next level. I'm hoping that you will share your findings if you should gain more insights.

Thank you, Ed.


msg #156767
5/9/2021 12:38:02 PM

modified 5/8/2021 4:24:11 PM

Thanks for the info.Just wondering what the consensus is on this one? Going to zero or what? In the meantime,if it pops,sky's the limit...


There are user comments on UVXY at the following link:

Consensus is usually hard to reach in a forum where people can easily opine in near complete
anonymity. There was no consensus for that whole thread. But there was consensus among
the better known long time members.

You are an experienced, accomplished member yourself, so you may want to consider the helpful
comments of your peers, and ignore the fake alt-user ids and time wasters.


General Discussion · Filter/Strategy Ideas
msg #156766
5/9/2021 12:24:10 PM

@ novacane32000.

Thank you very much for sharing your research and insights.

On that quant site, there is also an article about Risk Parity Asset Allocation
7 May 2021

I am trying to learn how to reduce risk without sacrificing too much return,
Would you happen to have any insights, thoughts and simple easy approach
for beginners to practice and implement?

The only good idea I've got so far is trade small, risk small.

Thanks again.

General Discussion · Filter/Strategy Ideas
msg #156762
5/8/2021 12:39:43 PM

Thank you, novacane32000.

I found this posting quite interesting:

Market Sentiment and an Overnight Anomaly
19.April 2021

msg #156750
5/7/2021 7:44:55 PM

olathegolf 2/24/2021 1:16:01 PM

I noticed a few of my filters using volatility indices no longer worked as written.
I reached out to SF and it appears that volatility indices are no longer supported as of 2021.

Here's a current list.

Filter Exchange · The Volume Positive-Negative (VPN) Indicator
msg #156698
4/28/2021 9:55:48 AM

@ V1ct0rChan
Thank you, and welcome to Stockfetcher !

Filter Exchange · Help with (TradingView) Double SuperTrend ATR
msg #156695
4/27/2021 5:42:07 PM

Hi Ed

I haven't figured out the nitty gritty of If ...Then ... Else ... to determine the trend
so I did something simpler.

This means we currently have much better ATR-based filters in this forum
than my cockle mania TradingView knock-off below.


chart-type OHLC
chart-time 4 months

set{1atr12, 1 * atr(12)}

set{HiLo, High + Low}
set{HiLo1, HiLo 1 day ago}
set{HiLo1_avg, 0.5 * HiLo1}
Draw HiLo1_avg on plot price

set{MinusLine1, HiLo1_avg - 1atr12}
/* Draw MinusLine1 on plot price */

set{PlusLine1, HiLo1_avg + 1atr12}
/* Draw PlusLine1 on plot price */

set{TUp, count(close > PlusLine1,1)}
draw TUp

set{TDown, count(close < MinusLine1,1)}
draw TDown

Filter Exchange · Help with (TradingView) Double SuperTrend ATR
msg #156694
4/27/2021 3:00:56 PM

Thank you, Ed S
I will take a look.

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