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General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
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10/1/2013 3:11:01 PM

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
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8/29/2013 1:25:46 PM



General Discussion · 80% Rule
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6/25/2013 5:59:02 PM

Got this in an email:

Here are the basics for the 80% Rule:

The Value Area (Secret Tip #12): The range of prices where 70% of yesterday's volume took place. For instance, if the value area in the S&Ps is 115800-117200, then 70% of the previous day's volume took place between the prices of 115800-117200.

The 80% Rule: When the market opens above or below the value area, and then gets in the value area for two consecutive half-hour periods. The market then has an 80% chance of filling the value area.


.... wondering if SF has a way to calculate the value area.... Hmmmmmm?

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6/22/2013 12:50:56 PM

On Becoming Illegal. You'll love this!


Becoming Illegal (Actual letter from an Iowa resident sent to his senator,)

The Honorable Tom Harkin

731 Hart Senate Office Building

Phone (202) 224 3254

Washington DC , 20510

Dear Senator Harkin,

As a native Iowan and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you.

My primary reason for wishing to change my status from U.S. Citizen to illegal alien stems from the bill which was recently passed by the Senate and for which you voted. If my understanding of this bill is accurate, as an illegal alien who has been in the United States for five years, all I need to do to become a citizen is to pay a $2,000 fine and income taxes for only three of the last five years. I know a good deal when I see one and I am anxious to get the process started before everyone figures it out.

Simply put, those of us who have been here legally have had to pay taxes every year so I'm excited about the prospect of avoiding two years of taxes in return for paying a $2,000 fine. Is there any way that I can apply to be illegal retroactively? This would yield an excellent result for me and my family because we paid heavy taxes in 2008 and 2009.

Additionally, as an illegal alien I could begin using the local emergency room as my primary health care provider. Once I have stopped paying premiums for medical insurance, my accountant figures I could save almost $10,000 a year.

Another benefit in gaining illegal status would be that my daughter would receive preferential treatment relative to her law school applications, as well as 'in-state' tuition rates for many colleges throughout the United States for my son.

Lastly, I understand that illegal status would relieve me of the burden of renewing my driver's license and making those burdensome car insurance premiums. This is very important to me, given that I still have college age children driving my car.

If you would provide me with an outline of the process to become illegal (retroactively if possible) and copies of the necessary forms, I would be most appreciative. Thank you for your assistance

Your Loyal Constituent, (hoping to reach 'illegal alien' status rather than just a bonafide citizen of the USA )

Donald Ruppert

Burlington , IA

Get your Forms (NOW)!!

Call your Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-289-1040

(Please pass this on to your friends so

they can save on this great offer.~)


Filter Exchange · *** TESTING *** WORK IN PROGRESS ***
msg #113649
5/23/2013 3:37:48 PM

2,947 posts
msg #113426
- Ignore Kevin_in_GA 5/15/2013 1:48:49 PM

I like the code snippet that insures the volume every day is above 500000. Neat.

How does this backtest? Not sure what your exit signal is.


Hi Kevin...

You know I do not back test. I use statistics.

Exit signal is taking profit when you can and no giving it back...LOL!

Seriously, position size should be used so you stay in the trade until the real stop loss point is it.

I did a YouTube video on that.

Filter Exchange · *** TESTING *** WORK IN PROGRESS ***
msg #113645
5/23/2013 3:32:55 PM



set{Vol500, count(volume < 500000,100)}

set{L11L31, count(low 11 day low equal low 31 day low,1)}

add column ema(21)
add column ema(55)

Vol500 below 1

L11L31 above 0

close above 10

ema(21) below ema(55)

close is above ema(21)
close is below ema(55)

sort column 2 descending


Filter Exchange · *** TESTING *** WORK IN PROGRESS ***
msg #113418
5/15/2013 1:02:42 PM


set{Vol500, count(volume < 500000,100)}

set{H11H31, count(high 11 day high equal high 31 day high,1)}

add column ema(21)
add column ema(55)

Vol500 below 1

H11H31 above 0

close above 10

ema(21) above ema(55)

close is below ema(21)
close is above ema(55)

sort column 2 descending


1. Stocks 500,000 plus shares in volume each day

2. Stocks above the price of $10 per share

3. Stocks where the closing high of the last 11 trading days is also the closing high for the last 30 trading days

4. 21 EMA is above the 55 EMA (this should be the case anyway if the high of the last 11 days is still the high of the last 30 days)

5. The stock price closed below the 21 EMA price, but is still above the 55 EMA price

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #113247
5/9/2013 4:09:34 PM

The Holy Grail of Power Schemes: Obamacare

By Robert Ringer - Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It seems like just yesterday that liberty lovers were doggedly trying to get the attention of low-information voters who were oblivious to the horrors on the Obamacare horizon. But now, as the long-concealed facts about Obamacare are surfacing at an accelerating rate, more and more free-ride fools are starting to get it: Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with increasing the power of politicians over their subjects.

Obamacare accomplishes this by being a massive redistribution-of-wealth scheme. Political hack Donald Berwick, whom Obama named as the Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2010, made this clear to the sleepwalking public back in 2008 when he said, “Any healthcare funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized, and humane must — must — redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.” Nasty, but honest.

Why is it important to understand that Obamacare has nothing to do with providing people with affordable healthcare — that it’s nothing more than a redistribution-of-wealth scheme aimed at increasing government power? Because so long as politicians and the media are successful in peddling the fairy tale that Obamacare is a serious program that addresses the healthcare needs of every citizen, people will continue to obediently march toward their unaffordable healthcare deaths — as in, death panels.

Gay marriage … abortion on demand … illegal immigration … Benghazi-gate … Obama’s vacations and golf matches … Fast and Furious — all interesting topics to ponder and debate. But they are nothing more than distractions from the central issue of government tyranny: increasing power over the citizenry through the lure of redistribution-of-wealth schemes.

Of course, none of this is new. I have long maintained that Barack Obama gets far too much credit for transforming America into a nation of socialist tyranny. The Presidential Imposter is merely an accomplished facilitator, and the sad truth is that if he had never risen from the community-organizing sewers, we still would have arrived at where we find ourselves today — just not as quickly.

We were moving toward more government power and less individual freedom quite nicely even under Ronald Reagan, let alone George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. While professing to be conservatives, Republican presidents and congressmen have been passing legislation to redistribute wealth for decades with nary a pause.

That’s right, both Democrats and Republicans have been leading us down the road to serfdom for at least a hundred years. February marked the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 16th Amendment (giving Congress the power to tax incomes), the Holy Grail of increasing government power through the redistribution of wealth. It’s no coincidence that the Federal Reserve, the perfect complement to the income tax, was also created in 1913. Taxing and printing beat two aces every time.

Since the vast majority of countries throughout recorded history have been ruled by a dictatorship of one kind or another, people unhappy with their financial status have never been much of a problem. They were, and still are, simply jailed or extinguished. Think Saddam, Stalin, Hitler, Napoleon — all the way back to Rome or even ancient Egypt.

What made America unique was that the Founding Fathers set up a government whose main purpose was not to redistribute people’s wealth but protect it. Almost paradoxically, however, they also instituted free speech, which gave people the right to openly demand higher incomes.

Because they clearly understood human nature, the Founders were skeptical about their experiment in self-government. They realized that, human nature being what it is, no matter how much workers are compensated, they will always claim to be underpaid.

But it’s worse than that. Even if everyone’s wages were tripled overnight, the triplees would still complain — as they do now — about the “unequal distribution of wealth.” Of course, in a free society, the demand for higher wages is legitimate free speech. But the demand for redistribution of wealth is a call for politicians to violate the Constitution and take people’s property by force rather than protect it.

Even so, not one conservative member of Congress has ever dared to state the obvious — that there is nothing inherently wrong or immoral about unequal distribution of wealth. Conversely, redistribution of wealth — even to a small degree — is inherently immoral.

This lack of moral courage on the part of politicians is why redistribution of wealth has long been an accepted part of our modern socialist fabric. All the Kenyan Kommie wants to do is move things along at a faster pace.

Which is where Obamacare comes in. It is the boldest, most brazen scheme to redistribute wealth in American history. Unfortunately, as we approach January 1, 2014, the day Obamacare will begin to grab the entertainment-addicted public by the wallet, it appears unlikely that anyone will do anything to try to stop it.

It’s true that more and more people are becoming aware of some of the nastier aspects of Obamacare, e.g., excise taxes on medical devices, penalties for individuals and employers who do not purchase government-approved health insurance, and a 40 percent tax on so-called Cadillac insurance plans. And the talk-radio guys are warning them that hundreds of new taxes, penalties, restrictions, and rules are on the way.

Optimists believe there is a chance that the whole noxious Obamacare scheme will implode before it kicks in full bore on January 1. I’d like to believe that, but I’d feel more confident if those optimists were on television every night hammering home the most important thing about Obamacare — that it is, at its core, totally unconstitutional, not to mention the fact that it has nothing to do with making healthcare affordable to more people.

But for some reason, no one seems to care about the fact that it’s unconstitutional — not even the chief justice of the Supreme Court. And certainly not Republicans in Congress, because, if they did, they would feel duty bound to defund Obamacare on constitutional grounds.

Sometimes I feel very lonely, but I guess it’s to be expected when you have goofy thoughts that are so far outside the mainstream. Anyone care to join me?

You have permission to reprint this article so long as you place the following wording at the end of the article:

Copyright © 2013 Robert Ringer
ROBERT RINGER is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #112574
4/1/2013 6:50:59 PM

What's the saying? Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it..

America truly is the Greatest Country in the World.
By: Kitty Werthmann

What I am about to tell you is something you've probably never heard or will ever read in history books.

I believe that I am an eyewitness to history. I cannot tell you that Hitler took Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history. We elected him by a landslide - 98% of the vote.. I've never read that in any American publications. Everyone thinks that Hitler just rolled in with his tanks and took Austria by force.

In 1938, Austria was in deep Depression. Nearly one-third of our workforce was unemployed. We had 25% inflation and 25% bank loan interest rates..

Farmers and business people were declaring bankruptcy daily. Young people were going from house to house begging for food. Not that they didn't want to work; there simply weren't any jobs. My mother was a Christian woman and believed in helping people in need. Every day we cooked a big kettle of soup and baked bread to feed those poor, hungry people - about 30 daily.

The Communist Party and the National Socialist Party were fighting each other.. Blocks and blocks of cities like Vienna , Linz , and Graz were destroyed. The people became desperate and petitioned the government to let them decide what kind of government they wanted.

We looked to our neighbour on the north, Germany, where Hitler had been in power since 1933. We had been told that they didn't have unemployment or crime, and they had a high standard of living. Nothing was ever said about persecution of any group -- Jewish or otherwise. We were led to believe that everyone was happy. We wanted the same way of life in Austria .. We were promised that a vote for Hitler would mean the end of unemployment and help for the family. Hitler also said that businesses would be assisted, and farmers would get their farms back. Ninety-eight percent of the population voted to annex Austria to Germany and have Hitler for our ruler...

We were overjoyed, and for three days we danced in the streets and had candlelight parades. The new government opened up big field kitchens and everyone was fed.

After the election, German officials were appointed, and like a miracle, we suddenly had law and order. Three or four weeks later, everyone was employed. The government made sure that a lot of work was created through the Public Work Service.

Hitler decided we should have equal rights for women. Before this, it was a custom that married Austrian women did not work outside the home. An able-bodied husband would be looked down on if he couldn't support his family. Many women in the teaching profession were elated that they could retain the jobs they previously had been required to give up for marriage.

Hitler Targets Education - Eliminates Religious Instruction for Children:

Our education was nationalized. I attended a very good public school. The population was predominantly Catholic, so we had religion in our schools. The day we elected Hitler (March 13, 1938), I walked into my schoolroom to find the crucifix replaced by Hitler's picture hanging next to a Nazi flag. Our teacher, a very devout woman, stood up and told the class we wouldn't pray or have religion anymore. Instead, we sang "Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles," and had physical education.

Sunday became National Youth Day with compulsory attendance. Parents were not pleased about the sudden change in curriculum. They were told that if they did not send us, they would receive a stiff letter of warning the first time. The second time they would be fined the equivalent of $300, and the third time they would be subject to jail. The first two hours consisted of political indoctrination. The rest of the day we had sports. As time went along, we loved it. Oh, we had so much fun and got our sports equipment free. We would go home and gleefully tell our parents about the wonderful time we had.

My mother was very unhappy. When the next term started, she took me out of public school and put me in a convent. I told her she couldn't do that and she told me that someday when I grew up, I would be grateful. There was a very good curriculum, but hardly any fun - no sports, and no political indoctrination. I hated it at first but felt I could tolerate it. Every once in a while, on holidays, I went home. I would go back to my old friends and ask what was going on and what they were doing. Their loose lifestyle was very alarming to me. They lived without religion. By that time unwed mothers were glorified for having a baby for Hitler. It seemed strange to me that our society changed so suddenly. As time went along, I realized what a great deed my mother did so that I wasn't exposed to that kind of humanistic philosophy.

Equal Rights Hits Home:

In 1939, the war started and a food bank was established. All food was rationed and could only be purchased using food stamps. At the same time, a full-employment law was passed which meant if you didn't work, you didn't get a ration card, and if you didn't have a card, you starved to death. Women who stayed home to raise their families didn't have any marketable skills and often had to take jobs more suited for men.

Soon after this, the draft was implemented. It was compulsory for young people, male and female, to give one year to the labour corps. During the day, the girls worked on the farms, and at night they returned to their barracks for military training just like the boys. They were trained to be anti-aircraft gunners and participated in the signal corps. After the labour corps, they were not discharged but were used in the front lines. When I go back to Austria to visit my family and friends, most of these women are emotional cripples because they just were not equipped to handle the horrors of combat. Three months before I turned 18, I was severely injured in an air raid attack. I nearly had a leg amputated, so I was spared having to go into the labour corps and into military service.

Hitler Restructured the Family Through Daycare:

When the mothers had to go out into the work force, the government immediately established child care centers. You could take your children ages 4 weeks to school age and leave them there around-the-clock, 7 days a week, under the total care of the government. The state raised a whole generation of children.. There were no motherly women to take care of the children, just people highly trained in child psychology. By this time, no one talked about equal rights. We knew we had been had.

Health Care and Small Business Suffer Under Government Controls:

Before Hitler, we had very good medical care. Many American doctors trained at the University of Vienna . After Hitler, health care was socialized, free for everyone. Doctors were salaried by the government. The problem was, since it was free, the people were going to the doctors for everything. When the good doctor arrived at his office at 8 a.m., 40 people were already waiting and, at the same time, the hospitals were full. If you needed elective surgery, you had to wait a year or two for your turn. There was no money for research as it was poured into socialized medicine. Research at the medical schools literally stopped, so the best doctors left Austria and emigrated to other countries..

As for healthcare, our tax rates went up to 80% of our income. Newlyweds immediately received a $1,000 loan from the government to establish a household. We had big programs for families.. All day care and education were free. High schools were taken over by the government and college tuition was subsidized. Everyone was entitled to free handouts, such as food stamps, clothing, and housing.

We had another agency designed to monitor business. My brother-in-law owned a restaurant that had square tables. Government officials told him he had to replace them with round tables because people might bump themselves on the corners. Then they said he had to have additional bathroom facilities. It was just a small dairy business with a snack bar. He couldn't meet all the demands. Soon, he went out of business. If the government owned the large businesses and not many small ones existed, it could be in control.

We had consumer protection. We were told how to shop and what to buy. Free enterprise was essentially abolished. We had a planning agency specially designed for farmers. The agents would go to the farms, count the live-stock, then tell the farmers what to produce, and how to produce it.

"Mercy Killing" Redefined:

In 1944, I was a student teacher in a small village in the Alps . The villagers were surrounded by mountain passes which, in the winter, were closed off with snow, causing people to be isolated. So people intermarried and offspring were sometimes retarded. When I arrived, I was told there were 15 mentally retarded adults, but they were all useful and did good manual work. I knew one, named Vincent, very well. He was a janitor of the school. One day I looked out the window and saw Vincent and others getting into a van.. I asked my superior where they were going. She said to an institution where the State Health Department would teach them a trade, and to read and write. The families were required to sign papers with a little clause that they could not visit for 6 months. They were told visits would interfere with the program and might cause homesickness.

As time passed, letters started to dribble back saying these people died a natural, merciful death. The villagers were not fooled. We suspected what was happening. Those people left in excellent physical health and all died within 6 months. We called this euthanasia.

The Final Steps - Gun Laws:

Next came gun registration.. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily.

No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up.

Totalitarianism didn't come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria .Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. Instead, we had creeping gradualism Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.

After World War II, Russian troops occupied Austria . Women were raped, preteen to elderly. The press never wrote about this either.. When the Soviets left in 1955, they took everything that they could, dismantling whole factories in the process. They sawed down whole orchards of fruit, and what they couldn't destroy, they burned. We called it The Burned Earth. Most of the population barricaded themselves in their houses. Women hid in their cellars for 6 weeks as the troops mobilized. Those who couldn't, paid the price. There is a monument in Vienna today, dedicated to those women who were massacred by the Russians. This is an eye witness account.

"It's true..those of us who sailed past the Statue of Liberty came to a country of unbelievable freedom and opportunity.

America Truly is the Greatest Country in the World. Don't Let Freedom Slip Away

"After America, There is No Place to Go"

Please forward this message to other voters who may not have it.

After America, There is No Place to Go"

The author of this article lives in South Dakota and is very active in attempting to maintain our freedom. I encourage everybody to read this article and pass it along. I see so many parallels in this country, are we going to sit by and watch it happen? Spread the word; also contact your congressional reps; vote them out if they don't do what they should. If you don't want to be bothered, then you're part of the problem! Google Kitty Werthmann and you will see articles and video.

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4/1/2013 6:45:51 PM

"If we concentrated on the really important stuff in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles"

By Junius P. Long

Food For Thought

If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for being in the country illegally might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If the only school curriculum allowed to explain how we got here is evolution, but the government stops a $15 million construction project to keep a rare spider from evolving to extinction ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If you have to show identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor or check out a library book, but not to vote who runs the government ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If the government wants to ban stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines with more than ten rounds, but gives 20 F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If, in the largest city on the East coast, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not a 24-ounce soda because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If an 80-year-old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a woman in a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If a seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is "cute," but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If children are forcibly removed from parents who discipline them with spankings while children of addicts are left in filth and drug infested “homes”... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government intrusion, while not working is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid, subsidized housing and free cell phones ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If the government's plan for getting people back to work is to incentivize NOT working with 99 weeks of unemployment checks and no requirement to prove they applied but can’t find work ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

If being stripped of the ability to defend yourself with a gun in your home makes you more "safe" according to the government ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

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