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General Discussion · Broker Comparisons
msg #66203
8/14/2008 9:09:53 PM = TDAmeritrade without phone support, 1/2 the cost ($5 per trade flat rate)
Same people, web site, etc, just no phone support, you get email support only

Guess they don't advertise it, so they can milk people for all they can :)

also bear bones, no charting, no frils, horible interface - but cheap
I only use them for my automated trader using < 500 share lots

PS is also now free for TDameritrade and Izone customers check it out

Filter Exchange · OBV
msg #56807
11/16/2007 9:54:17 PM

I am no expert, but try this
Fetcher[show where OBV EMA(1) crossed above OBV EMA(10) within the last one day]

General Discussion · Software & Computer advice needed
msg #56300
11/1/2007 10:21:25 PM

I use Cool Trade to automate my strategies

Filter Exchange · profit checker - long only
msg #55730
10/15/2007 9:01:52 PM

sorry, still learning

I was thinking it would be .10 above the low of the day

Filter Exchange · profit checker - long only
msg #55725
10/15/2007 8:29:59 PM

how about with one line change? better? 94/99
set{ LongProfit, open - low}

General Discussion · Time Segmented Volume
msg #53917
8/8/2007 9:04:12 PM

_SECTION_BEGIN(" Time Segmented Volume ");

t=(Sum(IIf( C>Ref(C,-1), (V*(C-Ref(C,-1))),IIf(Cm=MA(t ,7 );
Plot(t, "Time Segmented Volume 13", colorRed);
Plot(m, " Simple Moving Average 7" , colorYellow);


General Discussion · I Need A Suggestion For An On LIne Broker
msg #52427
6/22/2007 8:58:53 AM

Another is that it is easier to use the trade station, and trade station charges a platform fee if you trade less the 5000 shares per month and is lock into them as a broker

Not that trade station is not any good, it is, just two different tools for different needs

For the average person who wants to easily Automate their trading without being a programmer and have multiple broker options Cool-Trade is the way to go in my opinion

General Discussion · I Need A Suggestion For An On LIne Broker
msg #52426
6/22/2007 8:47:11 AM

Sent you an email, with my number, I am just a customer, but I'll try to answer any questions the best I can

General Discussion · Intraday
msg #52391
6/21/2007 4:27:09 PM

In the back testing advanced tab
exit box
try putting this

close 1 day ago

General Discussion · I Need A Suggestion For An On LIne Broker
msg #52373
6/21/2007 4:04:33 AM

Have you thought about automating your trades?

Cool Trade is perfect for executing your trades based on the rules you set, it is one of the easier automated trading programs to learn, and quite affordable

I love it so much I have 4 copies running everyday on 4 different broker accounts :)

It finds opportunities and exits when appropriate based on my rules way faster then I could manually scan the charts

Give it try

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