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General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52002
6/6/2007 2:23:46 AM

Float like a butterfly...sting like a bee.

General Discussion · Ability to NOT show Volume in the SF Flash Charts
msg #57282
12/1/2007 10:18:42 AM

I second that.

Filter Exchange · Adaptive Moving Average?
msg #54844
9/16/2007 8:34:32 PM

It's a ROYAL PITA to try and optimize the settings on that AMA. I spent literally months working with it before I gave up. Gaussian filters are the best IMO.

General Discussion · after rate cut will market go up & stay up? Opinions?
msg #59135
1/18/2008 11:09:53 PM

3.25 rising fast...that's a 100 bps cut btw

General Discussion · Article: Averaging Down is a Losing Proposition
msg #48962
1/5/2007 2:20:06 PM

TRO - I would be very interested to work towards figuring this filter out with you.

General Discussion · Article: Averaging Down is a Losing Proposition
msg #48978
1/5/2007 10:00:31 PM

TRO - I dont have the formula in hand. It looks like the lower a stock goes the higher the ranking goes. The problem I have with their system is I still have to filter out some junk and I dont know if the stock is actually in a persoanl bear market decline anyway. What if you you could base the decline against something like the comparative relative strength XXX/SPY of the stock and the ATR. That way low volty stuff with lower odds of a substantial upward movement would be filtered out.

General Discussion · Bear market ???
msg #58815
1/7/2008 9:28:38 PM

Pretty much all the economists blogs I read are now talking how bad...not if we are in a recession. Commercial real estate, consumer/credit cards and auto loans delinquencies are rising. I guess Doug Kass gets it right at least once a decade.

What is different this time is the solvency of the banking system is in doubt. The derivative WMD's may be about to drop a black swan on us.

Privatize the profits, socialize the risk. MF's need to be executed.

General Discussion · Can anyone tell me how he knew ... ?
msg #57083
11/28/2007 12:31:25 PM

DJ Transports indicate the bull may be tired. Banks don't even trust each other overnight. Where's the catalyst?

General Discussion · Challenge
msg #54164
8/17/2007 6:41:02 PM

Well at least the masters of the universe didnt lose their shirts on expiration. Whew! I was very concerned for them. Heh. I guess we'll see if we get cake to eat next week.

General Discussion · Challenge
msg #54165
8/17/2007 6:53:47 PM

FWIW the opening bar this morning was 237 to 1 upside volume. Shorts were sh*ttin in their shorts. Any of you old timers remember that kind of extreme ever?

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