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10/29/2009 10:17:21 PM

Bad day?

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10/29/2009 10:48:49 PM

we got the General Discussion and filter exchange link
Can we ask SF to give us a Blog link...

Alf you have been valuable...hate to see you go

maybe this is the win win solution

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10/29/2009 11:22:33 PM

I had raised the question of whether or not we could convert the old Chat forum into a live chat or possibly into personal trading journals. So far no answer.

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10/29/2009 11:36:23 PM

I posted a chat thingy here some time ago, but very few people used it.


Click "YAP"

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10/29/2009 11:49:00 PM

FRANKLY, I see nothing wrong with the SF format the way it is.
Granted, alf44 has been here since "day 1".
Well, I've been here since "day 2" ... at least seven years. And these boards have worked out fine.
We used to have some obnoxious subscribers ... who eventually left.
Just because everyone isn't postng the way HE (alf) thinks they should, he wants to leave.
That's ridiculous! Who is he?
SF has never had a THOUGHT Police policy.
If you don't like a post, DON'T READ IT.
Nobody's forcing anyone to READ something they're not interested in.
Point and click .... If you're not interested, .... then move on!
What's the big deal????
I've never read "whatcha been humming" .. 'cause I don't give a crap.
Same with the jokes and the political stuff. I don't care.
But does that mean I should reprimand other posters because I'm not interested.
Point, click ... or move on!
And everything will be fine ... as it's always been on SF FOR YEARS!!!

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10/30/2009 12:18:38 AM

Sorry to see you go Alf, your filters are brilliant....thanks and hope to see you back ):

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10/30/2009 1:03:42 AM

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10/30/2009 1:39:11 AM

alf, alf, alf!

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10/30/2009 8:12:10 AM

Yeah, I'll miss alf too.
I really enjoyed his sense of humor.
I don't understand what the big deal was.
He could've just used the IGNORE feature.

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10/30/2009 10:23:04 AM

karennma, alf doesn't want to ignore you, he said that your posts have great value. he just has an issue with the way they were being presented. alf loves nothing more than to participate in the forum, he just needs it to be structured, and not abstract.



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