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10/3/2006 3:43:38 PM

I too think there should be a easier way to switch between intraday and EOD updates. Is it so difficult to provide two radio buttons at the top of the "My Filter" page that allow us to choose between the two?

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10/3/2006 4:17:22 PM


Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. We are currently working on a feature which will allow you "toggle" whether your filter results are based on intraday updates.

Thank you again,

Tom Support

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10/4/2006 10:26:18 AM

Great work guys... don't know if I'll ever use it, but it certainly is a nice feature to have available.

And of course, I'll add to all the other requests for real-time updates. For instance, you could then build a screen to run near market close to detect stocks primed for a gap up overnight.

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11/13/2006 10:31:10 AM

Seems like a half hour after opening bell the intra-day quotes start,but only with a limited amount of results on filters,then are gradually filled in the first hour or so.Is there a way for Fetcher to show a current quote at the opening bell and then delayed 15/20 from the open?

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11/25/2006 7:51:44 PM

Thanks for adding, but the next step should be real time in minutes (preferably) and hours (if this speeds up the process). I'll be willing to pay a little more for real-time. Thanks again for your outstanding service.

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5/7/2007 12:44:06 PM

When will email alerts on intraday stock filters be available?

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6/26/2007 2:44:36 PM

Intraday Screens

I think adding the ability to screen using intraday data would be great. the 60-day charts are very popular among short time-frame traders. I am not aware of other services offering this so you would have a competitive advantage if you intriduced it.

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10/10/2007 1:36:12 PM

STOCKFETCHER: It would be helpful if SF would indicate next to the date on the Filter results screen the time of the last update. At present we just do not know about how old the data is.

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5/3/2008 2:11:38 AM


Is that possible for you to add REAL-TIME, not delayed 15/20 minutes intraday updates? I really enjoy the great feature.

Thanks in advance.

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5/23/2008 8:48:41 PM

Hi Tom,

Can you add the feature with which users can set up the chart time frame, like 5, 15, 30 and 60 min? I think it's crucial for day traders. Please.

Thanks in advance.

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