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12/1/2016 5:46:16 AM

Hey Wilson,

I mistakenly was looking at the number from the 80 day close line instead of the 80 MA line in my last post on chart CISG.

So how about looking at the ELOS chart at day 2/1/16, mine shows 200 ema at 8.66, 200 ma at 9.22, for avg of 8.94, with 80 ma at 7.48 putting the avg about 19.5% above the 80 day ma.

I'm relatively new to Stockfetcher so thanks for the chart mov avg Settings tip, should make my future filters shorter.

Sorry about the earlier confusion ,
Ed S.

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12/3/2016 6:43:52 PM

I noticed this filter needs the expanded Stockfetcher option. Is this option better?, or worth it?

Thanks in advance

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12/3/2016 8:50:23 PM

its worth it to me but it is probably a matter of personal preference.
Here is some of what SF states about the advanced filter support:

"At the standard subscription level, StockFetcher filters can certainly take advantage of custom variables; however, if your filter exceeds the complexity level required for an "advanced" filter, you will see a message indicating that the filter could not complete.

For nearly all filters, Advanced Filter Support is not required. Additionally, if you do experience this issue as a basic subscriber, typically there are work-arounds. If you are unable to find a work-around, you can upgrade your subscription at anytime to support the advanced filters."

a workaround that might work for Wilson's Breakout filter could be as follows:

create a watchlist called WilsonFirstHalf with no symbols in it.
Then run his filter, then edit it and remove everything below "show stocks where V5a equals 240" and save what is left as 'Wilson 1st half'
run that filter on the date you are interested in and when the results show up, switch to table, and check the box labeled symbol, which should then check all of the symbols returned by the filter and ciick on the popup at the bottom of the screen to add checked to watchlist, if there is more than 1 page of results you'll have to repeat the check and add to watchlist steps.

Then create a new filter called Wilson 2nd Half and paste in everything that your removed from the original wilson breakout filter, you'll also have to copy over the 2 lines containing set{xmsum....and set{xema..... paste them in at the top and above them add the line "apply to filter(WisonFirstHalf) as the very first line, save it and run it on the same date as before and I believe you should have a workaround that is not too complex.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

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12/4/2016 10:42:41 AM

Hey Wilson,

I got the impression from your earlier posts that once your breakout filter selects a bunch of stocks you then review the charts for candidates over a 1-3 day period. Looking at the chart of CZWI shown below from Sep 30th. would you have chosen it or not and why?

Ed S.

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12/7/2016 1:04:43 PM

Hi all

In regards to being able to create and use advanced filters with SF is It is my humble opinion very worth it. I believe that is is $16 a month instead of $8. You can decide for yourself if you think it is worth it or not.

In regards to the discrepancy about the filter working with the number of days back on the filter, I have contacted tech support to figure that out. And they have confirmed that it is indeed only calculating 160 days back on not 240. Ed, you are correct.

The filter should say:


and Close is between .25 and 12.0
and Close reached a new 80 day high

and close above open

show stocks where count(high equals low, 60) < 15

set{xmsum, ema(200) + ma(200)}
set{xema_avg, xmsum / 2}

set{matop5, max(MA(400), xema_avg)}
set{mabot5, min(MA(400), xema_avg)}
set{v1a, count(matop5 less than 25 percent above mabot5, 80)}
set{v2a, count(matop5 80 days ago less than 25 percent above mabot5 80 days ago, 80)}
set{v3a, count(matop5 160 days ago less than 25 percent above mabot5 160 days ago, 80)}
set{v4a, v1a + v2a}
set{v5a, v3a + v4a}
show stocks where v5a equals 240

set{matop6, max(MA(80), xema_avg)}
set{mabot6, min(MA(80), xema_avg)}
set{v1b, count(matop6 less than 15 percent above mabot6, 80)}
set{v2b, count(matop6 80 days ago less than 15 percent above mabot6 80 days ago, 80)}
set{v3b, count(matop6 160 days ago less than 15 percent above mabot6 160 days ago, 80)}
set{v4b, v1b + v2b}
set{v5b, v3b + v4b}
show stocks where v5b equals 240


I have changed the 3rd variable in the 4th line of the MA "sets" to 160, instead of 80. Thank you for pointing this out and helping to get it resolved.

In regards to whether this will be a better filter (240 days back instead of 160) which is what I had been testing, I will have to try it and backtest it. In any case, the 160 days back works great.

In regards to entries into these stocks, it is very important to follow the results and look back at them, at all points in time (days back). You want to look for high volume and/or a candle that is large and white. I cannot express how important the candlesticks are to all of this. I do not look at any other type of charts. Entries can be made the day the stock is pulled up or at any future point in time when you see a
"good" entry point.

I will test the different time periods out. Please feel free to continue the conversation. This is a VERY powerful yet simple filter that consistently pulls up BIG winners. I am more than happy to consider any changes or additions to it to make it better. 3 brains are better than one. ;) This is why I decided to share this filter.

Best to all of you

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12/7/2016 1:53:50 PM


I would not have ever chosen CZWI at any point in time. The volume is way to low, the trading is way to thin, and the Moving Averages are too far spread apart. Hope that helps.

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