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3/25/2016 10:19:24 PM

The above named book by Dr. Samir Elias is one that I very seldom ever see mentioned and it is probably one of the best trading books regarding how indicators and certain indicators work together ever written. Dr. Elias has another book called, Generate Thousands. In this book, Dr. Elias shares about how he traded options to make some really good money. Dr. Elias is the first to say that you can't rely totally on indicators in your trading, but he also points out and shows you how to use certain indicators together that will help you to be more consistent in your trading. I have over 200 trading books and I don't think any of them are as good as Dr. Elias' work. If you've read his books you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, I strongly encourage you to do so. They may not be available anymore. I tried to locate him on the internet and I could not find anything. If anyone out there knows what Dr. Elias is doing these days or if he is still alive, I would appreciate knowing. He should have written more books. He has degrees in engineering and economics and is one of those individuals who loves numbers and figuring out how and why things like trading indicators help or don't help. As Dr. Elias so accurately points out, they can be of great help if used correctly and together in the right way. Otherwise, it's a total waste. Check it out.

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3/27/2016 11:12:45 AM

Hi ibankcoin,

Here is his website where you can purchase both books, and I guess he also offers subscription services.

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3/27/2016 2:19:37 PM

Hard to find ???? This book is readily available on Amazon . Many good reviews, some not so good.

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3/28/2016 10:11:58 PM

Unfortunately, Samir is not very active on that site that he himself use to run. It looks like the returns are pretty good, but I would prefer knowing Samir was there daily.

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