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12/16/2005 11:05:58 AM

Wanted to thank glider for reviving this topic and BFreshour for the fine attempt at recreating the RAV Filter and also wanted to give it proper exposure on this forum. I was new when StockFetcher dropped Matthew Claassen's "canned" RAV indicator. It worked extremely well and unfortunately I never knew how many talented programmers we had on this site. BFreshour has made a first attempt at reviving this filter in in the General Discussion Forum on 12/16, but wondered if others could join in as well. The link to how RAV works is found at:

I found the RAVM to work really well at extreme levels. I would appreciate any others that could join in on reviving this filter!



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12/16/2005 12:30:30 PM

I feel like I'm incredibly close at having the indicator available, however I can't figure out how to normalize the values between -50 and 50. I've tried searching the internet for formulas on normalizing a set of numbers between two values with no luck.

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12/16/2005 3:09:47 PM


That will give you a number between 0 and 1.

Multiply by 100.

Then subtract 50.

And you will have values between -50 and + 50.


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12/16/2005 3:31:51 PM

Thanks TRO. Indposition returns values between 0 and 1, so I just subtracted .50.

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12/16/2005 4:48:06 PM

What's the maximum amount of SET statement per filter?

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12/17/2005 6:39:19 AM

I think it is 16.

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12/17/2005 11:43:17 AM

LOL.. it's not 16!

It depends on the complexity.

If you don't reference a set variable in another set statement, you can have lots of set statements.

But if there is reference upon reference, your start bumping up against limits.

For example, my divergence routines can only process 4 sets of data... so I have to have 4 filters to do all the processing I want: 2,3,4,5 day positive divergence, 2,3,4,5 day negative divergence, 6,7,8,9 day positive divergence, and 6,7,8,9 day negative divergence.


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