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11/16/2016 5:55:12 PM

It was Gods will to have me in
ORIG @ .98, now 1.80

These filters also caught many of the Greek shippers way back.

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11/30/2016 8:57:05 AM

I am new to the world of trading and been reading quite a bit on this forum, which has been a truly phenomenal resource/support. I came across this filter and wanted to ask you a few questions you can help me with:

1. Is this filter looking at stocks that are ready to bounce? I can blindly follow the results of the filter and just buy a few stocks but it will be great if I can understand the logic of this filter before jumping in. Id really appreciate if you can explain the codes there line by line the pennies from heaven first filter i.e.

2. Also, timing with regards to buying say I run the filter EOD today and it shows one stock. I will buy this tomorrow before close?

3. Timing with regards to holding/selling When do you typically sell this stock? I saw in the forum in this post about the gains posted by John if we were to hold this for 1 day 2 day 3 day and so on with a 150% avg gain if you were to hold for 48 days. What strategy do you follow to sell based on this filter?

Anything you can do to help will be appreciated.


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11/30/2016 11:06:41 AM

tugga82: just a friendly one gets rich trading pennies, don't waste your time....glty

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