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12/31/2005 7:46:08 PM

Just wanted to share a screen that I created a while back. I've been watching the results and they are absolutely amazing. It focuses on low priced stocks under $3.00 because they can have the biggest moves. Some of them trade on the OTC. This filter is strictly ment for daytrading. If you hold any of the stocks for too long you will get killed. If you can't sell all your shares in the same day you can wait till the next day. I've noticed that they don't come down immediately. Watch out for the bid/ask spread on the lower priced stocks. Although this filter produces outstanding results I have never really used it. (my brokerage account was just opened!)

close 1 day ago is more then 3% below the open 1 days ago and close is more then 3% below the open
and average volume above(90) 150000
and close is below 3
and closed below lower bollinger band
and date offset is 1

If anyone has ideas or can add.... please do

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12/31/2005 7:47:43 PM

Here are the most recent results!

Symbol Last %Chg Vol Performance Chart
DPH - DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE S... 0.28 -3.45 4890100 +3.57% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
GTE - GlobeTel Communicti... 2.19 -17.67 4272200 +68.04% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
VLNC - Valence Technology,... 1.38 -4.17 1031200 +11.59% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
OCCM - Occam Networks, Inc. 0.22 -11.76 691500 +28.89% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
MCHM - MacroChem Corporation 0.02 -11.11 472400 +50.00% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
WGATE - Worldgate Communica... 1.76 -6.88 316300 +17.05% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
MAUG - MAUI GENERAL STORES... 0.10 -13.22 218300 +14.29% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y
GEECF - Life Energy Technol... 0.58 -6.45 195600 +3.45% 3m , 6m , 1y , 2y

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