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9/29/2008 8:02:33 PM

What is value? How can anyone value a company? How can anyone at this time play the market other than day trading? Fundamental equation is out. Being a mad scientist is in. Our leaders are like 8 year olds given their daddys cars to drive New Yok Citys streets.

Cash is in, trading for now is for people that have only a few days of life left. The market is going down. Play it and let me know how much you lose.

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9/29/2008 9:06:58 PM

The street is a dangerous place to play.The public is paying the price,and they were'nt even inivited to the party.When the smoke clears,who's going to buy into it? It's not just the stock market thats in trouble,it's every other market along the way..

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9/29/2008 9:08:19 PM


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9/29/2008 10:31:36 PM

I think it was Warren Buffet who said-- If everyone is selling I am buying and if everyone is buying I am selling.
You just gotta have a lotta balls, thatís why he is a billionaire, not just anyone would sink everything they have into this kind of crisis, I sure as hell can't I wouldnt be able to sleep at night. Thatís the difference between him and 99.99% of the rest of the investors in the world he can. This is the biggest sale of our generation and the window won't be open just have to choose wisely...I bet Warren has done his homework...half price sale at Goldman and he jumped on it.
I still havenít bought any though waiting for the bottom LOL. Warren is getting a 10% div on his 5 billion investment though.....

Deleted all predictions-- it is wise to protect your capital with put options.

You could buy what you think is value, set your risk reward and hedge your bet with the proper call put ratio.

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9/30/2008 12:12:35 AM

Agreed day trading is the only "safe" way to go right now, but you need every advantage you can get in that game too, its not easy. I pulled a nice profit this month daytrading, in fact it gave me the luxury of going to all cash last Wednesday in order to lock in that gain for the month, which was great timing considering the massacre today.

And speaking of advantages, if StockFetcher could give us intraday scaning capability down to say the 5 min level, their business would grow, massively in this environment.

I for one would tell every daytrading chat room I know (and most chat rooms I frequent are now full of investors or swing traders turned daytraders, so that is a lot of people...)

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9/30/2008 1:28:03 PM

There is no absolute way to value a company. Can you value the total worth of any company by todays stock price?It depends on how many shares are tendered vs shares wanted. That determines only the price of the shares traded and holds no fixed relationship to the true value of the company which cannot be determined. There are too many unknowables.
If you look at the value of an asset say a mortgage. What is its true value? I maintain that is unknowable with certainty. You can only guess as to its probable value. You cannot predict the future no matter what sophisticated methods you use.
I believe that this whole house of cards we live in is really based on the premise that the status quo will continue.If it doesn't.
God help us! We are so interdependent that it is possible that a seemingly insignificant event could doom the whole civilization as we know it or at least drastically change it.
All we can do is muddle through as best we can knowing that every government no matter how originally formed will before its collapse will end up screwing the sheeple.It's human nature for the (me) people to hunt for personal gain by taking advantage of the unsuspecting. They will group together and try to screw the larger group that just wants to get along, not rip off others,take care of their families, and more or less ignore the big picture since they have insignificant control.
Sorry for the Rant. I truly believe that excesses are always going to happen. Occasionally they get large enough to really shake up the status quo.

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9/30/2008 11:56:36 PM

The market is a game of contradictions,in which the popular consences is always wrong.Everyone "thought" the market was going to respond to a bailout.If you were long in anticipation of that news,you got your head handed to you 777 Dow points later.If you "thought" the market would crash today and sold out in yesterdays decline,you have to feel like the biggest sucker who ever lived.I'm sure that cured anyone with any sence of logic,to ever play in the street again.Today was either one of the biggest bear market rallys in history,or the start of a new bull market.Whatever "most" people think it is,I want to place my bets on the opposite side of the table......

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10/1/2008 12:12:33 AM

bets...exactly what they are now, if ever they weren't

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10/1/2008 9:59:31 PM

I agree with tokyopua that interday screening capability with real time quotes would be very helpful. And very profitable for Stock Fetcher.

Let's hope now that they have passed the rescue plan that they get this signed and on its way. Unlocking the credit markets and moving the money machine again will get our market stablilized. It may take a year to fix what's ailing but lets all pray that the bottom of this muddy situation is visible now and more reasonable trading can be established.

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10/2/2008 1:03:32 AM

It still has to pass the House.
I don't think it will work.
They want 90 days to study Mark to market effects. Good grief!
They really want time to figure out how to cover their ass for what they have done in the last few weeks.

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