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8/30/2005 3:01:21 PM

With advanced SF membership, what do you get above the standard SF monthly service? Cost difference?

GL Gene

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9/4/2005 12:37:36 PM

Fellow Traders:

I have been using Advanced SF for a while now.

Let me tell you it makes all the difference.

Now, most of the filters I write and post take full advantage of the extra capabilities and for you to run them, you need to have advanced SF.

For the few pennies a day that it cost, you will be able to benefit from not only SF but also from my work that I give away freely.

The reason I give it away rather than sell it is simple. It works. I make money from it. Others have been making money from it. I don't need all the "hassle" associated with running a business to make money. I can make more in one trade than I could selling 1,000 copies and/or subscriptions.

I haven't forgotten how frustrating it can be when you are new to a system like StockFetcher. I am doing my best to make it as easy as possible for the next person to get up and running and to be profitable as quickly as possible.

This is my way of paying back those who have helped me along the way. I am also "paying it forward".

What's in it for me? I make lots of new friends. People tell me about things I didn't know about. People share things with me. I learn from others. It's a WIN-WIN situation. Even "enemies" have become friends. So, there's plenty of benefits in it for me.


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