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10/10/2008 11:48:31 PM

I've found the basic function that show the pattern. However, is it possible to scan for ascending triangle patterns that are still within the boundaries of the triangle?

Thanks in Advance,

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10/11/2008 12:28:02 AM

Volume is above 500000

show stocks where the close is near the upper ascending triangle(20)

Chaikins Volatility(10,10) is above 0

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10/11/2008 12:34:06 AM

Thanks for your reply. I assume the the value in parentheses is the day value, so I switched it up a few times as I was not getting any results while lowering the volume and dropping the Cauklin.

The results I get back are ALL closes outside of the ascending triangle. I'm looking for stock that are still in the process of formation for teaching purposes.

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10/11/2008 8:12:27 AM

law, i asked several times for the code inside the code to no avail. What i did find is to change the time settings.

show stocks where pattern is ascending triangle(45,3)
and average volume(30) is above 900000
and close is between 5 and 100

for example (60,5) (28.3), 124,10) etc.

You will find stocks that have not broken s/r, but it does take some sifting. I pull those still in the formation onto another watch and go from there. Without being able to tweak the seems you "get what you get".

With the current conditions, results are small and those inside the patterns are even smaller.

Don't forget the descending triangle scans....they tend to produce better patterns.

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10/12/2008 5:26:45 PM

Thanks for this! It's basically for teaching purposes, but I'll be doing the descending, next. Again, thanks!

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