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11/10/2006 6:21:35 PM

In my inbox ( just got to love this stuff...LOL! ) ...

$1.80 Hybrid Railroad Stock Set to Gain 145% by November 27

This $1.80 stock will be the first to successfully use hybrid technology on the $79 billion railroad industry, cutting air emissions by 90% and potentially saving the United States $1.4 billion in fuel per year!

Investment Report Prepared by Chris A. DeHaemer, SA

Dear Savvy Individual,

Every few years, I come across an investment opportunity so remarkable... so potentially profitable... and so low-risk... I'm willing to stake my entire reputation on the performance of my recommendation.

This is one of those situations.

I just got off the phone with the CFO of this $1.80 hybrid locomotive company... the only company using this new type of hybrid railroad technology in the world.

After 15 minutes, I knew everything I needed to know.

In short, I have indisputable evidence that this $1.80 stock could be trading for $4.41 by November 27.

Hybrid Locomotives: The Next Huge Winner
'The state-of-the-art hybrid locomotives are designed to cut air emissions by up to 90 percent and reduce diesel fuel use by as much as 80 percent.'

-- The Portland Tribune

In fact, this $1.80 hybrid railroad stock could get as high as $13.05 by March 8.

That's a 625% gain!

I'm so confident in this $1.80 stock, I'm once again putting my money where my mouth is and guaranteeing that you'll see a 145% gain by November 27. If not, just send us an e-mail or give us a phone call and you'll get a full refund for the price of your subscription. No questions asked.

Best of all, this $1.80 hybrid railroad stock is one of three new picks that I predict will double by Christmas.

In the next three minutes, you'll see how to risk $300 to make $13,620 -- all with a money-back subscription guarantee.

Do I have your full attention?

3 New Picks, 300% Gains by Christmas...
You Could Make 625%
by January 18
'Although the railroad industry is vital to the American economy, it has remained unchanged for decades. But not anymore. This $1.80 hybrid railroad stock will redefine the railroad sector, and could make you rich in the process'

-- Christian DeHaemer, senior analyst, TFN

You're about to get three new stock picks.

Pick #1 is a $1.80 hybrid railroad company that could gain 145% by November 27 and gain 625% by March 8...
Pick #2 is a $3.35 Chinese coal company that could make 78.50% by November 18 and 258% by February 22, 2007...
Pick #3 is a $4.13 Christian video game stock that could make 179% by January 10...
Today, you'll get all three recommendations in my research Report titled 'Three Guaranteed Doublers.'

I'll tell you exactly how to get your hands on this research in just a moment, but let me first give you five reasons why this small, $1.80 hybrid locomotive stock could soar to at least $13.05 by March 8.

Pick #1:
See 100% by November 27
Here are the five reasons why I'm predicting this stock will double by November 27:

Reason #1: Its Hybrid Railroad Technology

This $1.80 stock lets you get rich by solving two problems at the same time: First, the rising price of fuel is a huge problem for railroad companies because there are 10,000 old gas-guzzling diesel engines in the United States that need to be replaced.

Second, this upgrade will save countless millions in wasted gas. In fact, this technology saves 163 gallons of diesel per locomotive per day! That's a yearly savings of $140,000 on every conventional locomotive in the United States!

If the aging 10,000 locomotives were all replaced with this newer technology, with each one saving $140,000 in gas per year, that's $1.4 billion in fuel costs the railroad industry ends up saving.

Reason #2: The Trigger

This Technology Has
Already Been Called:
'A Blinding Flash
of the Obvious'

-- Donnelly as quoted in Forbe

I believe this company will announce a 200 - 300 unit backlog for 2007 on November 27, an announcement which could send shares on an all-out moon shot.

When I spoke to the company, I learned they just signed a two-unit deal with Norfolk Southern (NSC:NYSE). This is important because this small order could soon balloon into a 100-unit backlog. You see, most of these major railroad companies place a 'test order' to try out the technology before making a huge purchase. The trick is to own the stock BEFORE this big order is announced.

Every time one new order comes in, this stock will get repriced. According to my calculations, every one new order will increase their market capitalization by $1.58 million.

And guess what? The orders are just beginning. Union Pacific, the largest railroad operator in North America, just placed an $81 million 'test order' for 98 hybrid switches. Just imagine if Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific like what they see! On November 27, we'll get a good idea about the future sales -- and I can tell you right now -- expect it to mean big things for this $1.80 stock.

Reason #3: The Catalyst: 'Hybrid Is Huge'

'A small Vancouver manufacturer of hybrid locomotives may have suddenly landed on the radar of industry heavyweights after U.S. giant Union Pacific decided to invest heavily'


The hardest part of launching any new technology is gaining mainstream acceptance... but luckily this obstacle has already been overcome!

You see, even though hybrid technology is not even practical in cars, the public has already accepted the benefits. Cars like the Toyota Prius, for example, will never pay for themselves unless you drive them more than 10 years. But trains are different because of the length of time they are operated on a daily basis. Given that the average life expectancy of rolling stock is 30 years -- switching to this technology is a 'no brainer' for every major railroad company!

Industry experts are already calling it 'The Toyota Prius of Trains.' I'm calling it 'A Slam Dunk!'

Reason #4: Unique Technology, Unheard-of Stock

Because it's based out of Canada, not only is this $1.80 stock unknown on Wall Street, but it's also the sole owner of the hybrid technology that could save $1.4 billion in fuel costs per year! Since it has this cutting-edge technology, it is a truly unique company in the enviable position of having the hybrid locomotive market cornered!

Reason #5: The Undervaluation

This one's the biggie. Right now, this stock trades at an $81 million market cap -- which is made up of 51 orders it received in 2006. Using this ratio, each one new locomotive order equates to $1.58 million in market cap.

This is a fair valuation, but here's what I know that Wall Street doesn't know...

This company could soon be revalued based on 200 - 300 unit sales, not 51 unit sales. The moment it books 300 units at $800,000 per unit, that's $240 million in new revenue. This would bring its market capitalization up to $474 million, 5.85 times higher than today! That would give it a share price of $4.41 based on growth alone, good for a 145% gain from current levels! But the stock is going much higher than that...

Providence & Worcester Railroad (PWX:AMEX ) is a small railroad company that carries a price to sales of 3.40 without the triple-digit growth rate.

Using the PWX multiple as an example, it's reasonable to assign this stock a price to sales of 5. If you apply that number coupled with the story of hybrid technology and $1.4 billion in yearly fuel savings, you can expect a $13.05 share price... a 625% gain from current levels!

It's a Fact: Hybrid Is Huge
Here's the Bottom Line: The same hybrid technology that launched Toyota (leaving Ford and GM in the dust) is about to be launched on the railroad sector.

Just think about how important that is...

Toyota was the first to incorporate hybrid technology into its business model, and the stock gained 300%.

Over the same time frame, Ford and GM ignored hybrid and their stocks have fallen to historic lows!

If you missed out on Toyota, you now have the same opportunity to make huge gains when hybrid technology is launched on the railroad sector.

But instead of buying a large blue-chip stock like Toyota, you'll be buying a small $1.80 stock.

The gains could be remarkable!

This $1.80 company's hybrid locomotive saves the railroads $140,000 per unit! That's up to $1.4 billion a year in the United States alone. That potential combined with the 200-300 units the company expects to announce on November 27 will be more than enough to push shares of this $1.80 stock past $13 in a matter of months.

What's more, I haven't even mentioned this company's upcoming news releases...

My due diligence has isolated two exact dates for gains:

November 27, 2006: That's when this $1.80 stock is expected to announce backlog of 200-300 units in 2007. As I just showed you, that single announcement could push the stock from $1.80 up to $4.41. That's a 145% gain from current levels.

January 18, 2007: Based on my study of news dissemination and money flow, this is when I'm predicting this $1.80 stock will hit $13.05 per share. That's a 625% gain from current levels!

All the Parameters for a HUGE Winner
This stock makes fuel-efficient locomotives possible.

While this is very upsetting for conventional manufacturers like GE Locomotive, this is great news for this small $1.80 hybrid locomotive company from Canada.

When you break it down, this $1.80 stock has all the major components you need for a HUGE winner:

Low Price: Trading for just $1.80 per share, there is little downside risk. Every new order could add $1.58 million to this company's market capitalization. I expect 200 - 300 new orders to be announced by year's end, which could be the catalyst for an easy double...
Topical and in the News: With the major fluctuations of oil and gas prices, energy conservation is a hot topic that'll remain in the news for decades. This hybrid technology is only at the beginning of its major growth cycle.
Simple to Understand/Relate to: In order for a small stock to truly be a huge winner, it must have that 'mass appeal' to attract the attention of thousands of individual investors and fund managers. You can't get a better situation than this. Hybrid cars are selling like crazy. Toyota alone has sold 500,000, a catalyst that made Toyota 300% and destroyed Ford and GM. Now the same premise will be applied to the railroad sector, and early investors just might make a killing.
Breaking News Trigger: As with any new technology, it usually takes one big news announcement to push the stock into the public eye. My prediction is that this upcoming announcement will happen when this company reports a 200 - 300 unit backlog on November 27, which will be all it takes to set this stock on fire.
But don't take my word for it. Just listen to what the experts are saying about this revolutionary new hybrid locomotive technology...

The National Post says it has been 'Hailed by industry players for their dependability and fuel savings'...
Forbes says 'Green-minded governments in Texas and California love (it). (Manufacturing) plants in Alberta and New York are booked well into 2007'...

And The Portland Tribune says 'The state-of-the-art hybrid locomotives are designed to cut air emissions by up to 90 percent and reduce diesel fuel use by as much as 80 percent.'

A Possible 300 New Orders at $800,000 a Pop,
But How Does It Work?
After decades of wasting fuel, this company has finally discovered how to save billions of dollars for railroad operators.

Its technology solves an unmet market need, which is a way to move locomotives short distances in the rail yards without wasting so much fuel.

Right now, 10,000 aging U.S. locomotives waste billions of dollars in fuel idling their huge diesel engines for long stretches of the day.

That's like starting up your car in the driveway to go on vacation... and then spending three weeks to pack up the trunk!

Of course, this idling wastes millions of dollars in gas for major railroad companies... until now.

Inspired by Toyota's Prius and Honda's Insight, this $1.80 company has launched a diesel-battery hybrid that relies on a battery to power the locomotive rather than on diesel alone.

By combining 30 tons of lead-acid batteries with a 268-horse power diesel, these batteries supply enough power -- in brief spurts -- to give four electric motors a combined 2,000 horsepower.

This simple switcher chugs 65% less fuel than a typical diesel switcher which consumes 250 gallons of diesel per day.

That amounts to a cost savings of $140,000 per year!

Not only is that a yearly fuel savings of $1.4 billion, but it also cuts air emissions by up to 90%!

Best of all, this all comes without any reduction in engine power. The hybrid locomotives produce 2,000 horsepower and can reach a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour!

Just how legit is this technology?

Union Pacific, which links 23 states in the western two-thirds of the country, just purchased 10 of the locomotives and has already signed a contract for 60 switchers to be built...

Even though that's a huge sale, it still represents less than 2% of the entire market. If these 60 hybrid switches prove to be a big success, there's no stopping Union Pacific from ordering hundreds, if not thousands, of full-blown locomotives.

Heck, if this $1.80 stock only gets 5% of the total 10,000 market, that's still probably enough to push shares from $1.80 up to $13.05.

Just imagine...

This one hybrid locomotive technology could ultimately create demand for 10,000 locomotives literally overnight.

The 'game-changing' hybrid locomotive technology could be the single greatest investment you've ever made.

That's why a move from $1.80 to $4.41 is my lowest-end price target. Realistically, a move past $13.05 a share is within reach. That's a 625% gain from current levels.

When you consider the benefits of switching to this technology, it's a no-brainer.

This Stock Could Rise 625%
At $800,000 a pop, every one new order could translate into a $1.58 million increase in this stock's market capitalization.

In the United States alone, there are 10,000 old, outdated locomotives. On a worldwide scale, this technology could mean not hundreds... but thousands of new orders for this $1.80 stock.

Add it up, and this hybrid technology could eventually replace every locomotive in the world!

Just think of the effects this would have on a global scale.

Railroad exerts are already calling this a 'game changing' technology -- simply because it offers a 100% benefit to everyone involved. You'll have...

20 - 35% fuel savings...

80 - 90% reduction in particulate emissions...

Certified EPA requirements and qualified as Ultra Low Emitting Locomotive (ULEL) by the Air Resources Board of California...

Fuel savings of $140,000 per unit... per year, eventually totaling a possible savings of $1.4 billion per year in the United States.
No wonder this company has already received big interest from Union Pacific, and Norfolk Southern.

With this kind of exposure, this small company won't remain a secret for much longer.

But the good news is: The party's just beginning.

As word of this technology gets out, this company could easily go from $1.80 a share to $13.05 in the next few months.

See 100% Just off the 'Buzz'
Since this company's technology is already saving a million dollars in fuel, this innovation could be one of the most heavily documented news stories of 2007.

It's only a matter of time before national media catches onto what's happening and turns this unknown company into a household name.

But now, this company is receiving publicity primarily in Canada.

This is great news for you, because when the public finally understands what you've just learned (that this company's technology can go from 51 orders in 2006 to 200... or even 300 new orders in 2007), millions of individual investors -- and their fund managers -- could begin shoveling money into the stock.

When that happens, there's no telling how high the stock will go.

Before long, probably every major railroad company will begin focusing all their attention on this company... piling tens of thousands of dollars into their new hybrid locomotive technology. This will spark interest from investors across the globe.

That's why I'm contacting you now.

Well before the media (and other transport experts) catch onto what's happening, you can make a windfall by investing in this $1.80 stock today.

Not many investors know about this company -- but once they do, the pure 'buzz' could be enough to propel the shares 200 - 300% higher.

Since the fluctuating rising price of oil and gas has such a major effect on the world markets, Wall Street will most likely get ahead of itself and place a premium on these shares.

When Wall Street learns that this company could soon save railroad companies millions of dollars in gas every year, my prediction is that it won't take long before the market cap grows from $81 million to $240 million.

If shares trade at just 5 times earnings, it could have a $720 million market cap... more than enough to see things triple, perhaps even quadruple.

And that's still absurdly undervalued considering the average stock on the S&P 500 trades for 18 times earnings!

I can't remember when a small company stood to make you this much money -- so quickly -- and with limited risk. But that's the situation you have right now. Since this hybrid locomotive technology has already been proven, I say now's the time.

Today, I'd like to send you all my latest research on this company in a Report I call 'Three Guaranteed Doublers.'

But first, you need to know the best news of all...

This stock is only one of three new recommendations I'm prepared to stake my reputation on.

Pick #2:
See 200% by February 22, 2007
Pick #2 is a Chinese coal company that grew revenues from $52 million to an anticipated $130 million in one year.

This company has experienced such rapid growth because it had the foresight to build the largest capacity in Shanxi Province -- which accounts for 20-25% of China's coal output and 50% of China's coke production.

Through its controlled affiliates in Taiyuan City, this $3.35 stock is a leading supplier of China's highest-grade metallurgical coking coal (which is used to make coke for purposes such as steel manufacturing).

This is a pure value play on China's exploding coking coal sector. Just look at these numbers...

Management just reported record revenue of approximately $30.9 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2006, as compared to approximately $8.7 million in Q2 2005 -- a 254% increase...
The tonnage sales of cleaned coal increased to approximately 397,000 tons in Q206 from approximately 120,000 tons in Q205 -- a 231% increase.
Those are blockbuster numbers, but it gets even better...

Gross profit for the three months ended June 30, 2006 was approximately $6.0 million, as compared to gross profit of approximately $1.9 million in Q205 -- a 216% increase.

These explosive numbers are a direct result of China's nonstop demand for high-grade metallurgical coking coal.

When you apply those price estimates to the current price multiple, I estimate that this $3.35 stock could trade for $5.98 by November 18 as its projected revenues continue to force Wall Street to rerate the shares.

As word spreads and its numbers continue to astound, I would not be shocked to see the $3.35 stock hit $12.00 by February of 2007.

That means you have two explosive plays to invest in right now!

Pick #1: 625% Potential Gains by March 2007!

Pick #2: 200% Potential Gains by February 2007!

But we're STILL not done...

Pick #3:
Make 224% by January 10
Pick #3 is a $4.31 Christian video game stock that could return 224% by January 10.

'Christian entertainment is one of the hottest industry trends right now'

-- Christian DeHaemer

Right now, 225 million Christians are starving for family-friendly, religious themed products -- making this powerful market worth $10 billion!

As it stands, this stock's company is a publisher of religious-themed books, but on November 17 that'll all change.

This company is about to launch a video game based on its popular Christian book series. But unlike today's graphically violent video games, this game will remain true to its inspirational mission by making prayer and contemplation of biblical truths an integral part of the gaming experience.

According to my due diligence, 70 million Christian buyers play video games! And for the first time ever, millions of video game addicts finally have a game their parents can support buying!

How I Calculate a
Potential 224% Gain
17.8 million shares x $3 share price = $53 million market cap.

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (TTWO:NASDAQ ) is a top competitor with a price to sales of 0.76. If you multiply that by 195 million in potential Christian game sales that equals $148.2 million in market value which means that this stock would have to rise 224% to $5.37 per share.

It's a brilliant move by this small company!

Just imagine...

If it sells 5 million games at $39 each, that's $195 million in revenue... more than enough to push these shares up to $5.37, a 224% gain over current prices.

And that's assuming it only gets 5 million sales out of the 70 million market! The more sales it gets, the higher your gains become!

Don't forget, these gains will come this month as this new game is launched on the market!

In short, the time to act on ALL THREE stocks is NOW!

Let's quickly review...

Profit Summary:
'Three Guaranteed Doublers'
Hybrid Locomotive could be a $3.75 stock by November 27 because of the announcement of a 200-300 hybrid engine backlog. It could hit $13.05 on March 8 when momentum takes over... and could go even higher the day oil hits $100 a barrel...
Chinese Coal could be a $5.98 stock by November 18 due to exploding revenue growth and the massive growth of China's new coke contracts. It could trade for $12 on February 22, 2007 as momentum and money flow into the stock, causing an all-out price rerating...
Christian Video Game could be a $4.50 stock as early as November 17 due to the release of its new Christian video game. The shares could get as high as $7.60 by January 10 due to post-Christmas earnings in the second week in January.
My Unconditional Guarantee:
'See 100% gains on all three
stocks by Christmas, or get your
subscription money back'

If my price targets are right (and I think they are), you could risk $300 to make $13,620!

I'm so confident, in fact, that I guarantee you'll see double on each stock by Christmas...

If all three stocks don't double by Christmas, then you'll get a full refund of your Membership fee. 300% -- or your subscription money back!

Add it all up, and you're looking at potential gains of 625%, 200%, and 224%.

If you invest $1,000 into each company and place a protective stop loss at $900, that'll make your total risk only $100 per stock.

If my price targets are right (and I think they are), you can risk $300 to make $13,620!

I'm so confident, in fact, that I guarantee you'll see double on each stock by Christmas. And if you don't... then simply contact us and request a full refund of your Membership fee. No questions asked.

You make 300% -- or get your entire subscription money back !

The entire investment -- including the name of the three stocks and how to risk $300 to make $13,620, is all outlined for you in my new Special Report titled 'Three Guaranteed Doublers.'

I'm willing to send you this Investment Report on these three amazing companies -- free of charge. That way, you can start seeing gains right away.

But first, I owe you an introduction...

The Opportunity of a Lifetime
My name is Christian DeHaemer, and I'm the editor of GRESSOR, a powerful research System that allows you to buy and sell stocks that fall under the four hottest market sectors:

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You see, despite all the money GRESSOR has made, I truly believe the three tiny stocks I'm recommending right now could generate the biggest gains ever. And right now, you can get in on the ground floor.

Hybrid Locomotive could be a $3.75 stock by November 27 because of the announcement of a 200-300 hybrid engine backlog. It could hit $13.05 on March 8 when momentum takes over... and could go even higher the day oil hits $100 a barrel.
Chinese Coal could be a $5.98 stock by November 18 due to exploding revenue growth and the massive growth of China's new coke contracts. It could trade for $12 on February 22, 2007 as momentum and money flow into the stock, causing an all-out price rerating.
Christian Video Game could be a $4.50 stock as early as November 17 due to the release of its new Christian video game. The shares could get as high as $7.60 by January 10 due to post-Christmas earnings in the second week in January.
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Information as of: August 28, 2006

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11/10/2006 8:08:08 PM

Got that one 2 weeks ago,believe its P.TO RAILPOWER TECH CORP

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11/11/2006 3:40:18 AM



Puda Coal, Inc.
426 Xuefu Street
Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

Top 10 Puda Coal Benefits
· The Chinese economy is booming, and with it new construction. Construction means steel, but there can be no steel without coal - the material at the foundation of the new economy. Demand for quality grade coking coal is tied to the demand for steel.
· Puda Coal is a leading supplier of China's highest grade metallurgical coking coal.
· Puda Coal has an established and loyal customer base and assured sources of raw material sufficient to meet rapidly growing demand.
· Puda Coal is based in Shanxi Province, which accounts for 20% to 25% of China's coal output and 50% of China's coke production.



The CEO of Left Behind Games — a company started specifically to turn the book series into video games — Left Behind Games is a publicly traded company that

trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol LFBG.

LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces (The PC Game) $39.95
Current price of stock is $5.37

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11/11/2006 2:11:33 PM

Nice work.


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11/17/2006 2:48:50 AM

P.TO got whacked from a bad report!Im glad I didn't get involved with this one.

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