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12/4/2008 6:50:50 AM

i am not fond of manure, but i got to respect those that are willing to work with it and make a living. good job, marine2. i got to respect that.

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12/4/2008 1:54:26 PM

If you wish to travel from point A to point B first you walk.If you wish to travel faster then ride a bike,faster yet,a scooter,then a motorcycle,then an economical foreign car.All of these running combined cost less to purchase and use less fuel than a single Yukon,Tahoe,or Hummer.The drop in oil price looks to be in part the premise of halting the production of these tanks and also the high combined high wage and waste building them.Should the poor soul riding his bike or scooter or even his Kia or BMW be forced to pay a tax to support these continually failed operations?Should retirees that don't drive at all?No.Let the owners of a F,GM,CHR pay 34 Billion to bail their beloved company out.
The next scheme(after the gasohol one) looks to be tapping 'free' plug in power for electric cars and charging buyers through the nose for their companies to 'get into the black'.Power grids can barely keep up with the air conditioning season now not to mention increased over the barrel utility costs that would ensue.Beware.

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12/4/2008 10:54:42 PM

To allow the American auto companies to fail you would see depression set upon our land. The COST to provide relief from our government would be tremendously more compared to the small amount to keep our Nations Industrial Spine alive.

If they fail you will see outright anarchy. To think our hard working American auto workers, active and retired will sit by and be satisfied with what happened I will be very surprised.

I think people that never worked in the factories or worked along side white collar people in the engineering / financial / marketing / logistical sections of those American auto companies has no idea how hard they have worked over the years. If you want to punish the executives thats one thing but to punish the hard workers that sweat, stressed, toiled for those companies is absolutely insane.

Free market is a beautiful thing but when it creates a situation where our nation is in jeopardy then WE the people must help.

You think you will be worrying about playing the market in Stock Fetcher after they fail. Ha, I don't think so. You will be worried about how you will put bread on your table for your family to eat.

Remember, we the tax payers allowed 700 billion or more to financial companies relief. All without any questioning like they have done unto these 3 American auto companies. The financial sector created the mess to begin with causing the collapse of the auto industry. We reward them yet give our Nations Industrial Spine a hard time. Granted they arent perfect but not the criminal in this case.

Let's all pray sane minds prevail and give them the loan to get over the hump and get our nation back rolling again.

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12/5/2008 10:35:57 AM

If you recall, Paulson cried wolf about the Financial Bailout just as everyone is about possible auto industry bankruptcies.

Paulson said " God help us all" when asked what would happen if banks didn't get 700 bil. They got it and see what

happenned !! They're hoarding the money and buying back own stock and paying bonuses. Paulson did this to benefit his

banking pals (remember he was ceo at GS) and for one last money grab before the new administration takes over. Same

thing will happen with auto bailout, they will do the wrong thing with the cash and still go under. Sen. from Montana asked

GM ceo about rumor of expanding facility in Mexico with money from bailout , and he replied he wasn't sure but would

check into it. This is just another example of gamblers(ceos) trying to cheat the casino(U.S. taxpayers). If this is so urgent,

things should've been done by management and UAW before now.

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12/5/2008 11:00:44 AM

UAW....I would like to see executive compensation and expenditures for that group.

Maybe raise union dues and bail themselves out? Sounds naive, but give me a break.

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12/5/2008 12:57:29 PM

Congress if they do give out any money will demand concessions from all groups. I agree with you on getting even more concessions from the union. I do know, the salary worker from GM in particular has been the work donkey when it came to giving up benefits opposed to the hourly worker. Now its time for the union, dealers, suppliers from the executive ranks all the way down to the assembler to make the same sacrifices as some of the earlier people. If you were or not ever a salary worker for GM or the other two you have no clue what they gave up and shouldn't say anything.

Yes, the question on making sure any loan money was only for US operations was accepted in later conversations as the day went by yesterday. Just like when the execs flew in their luxury company jets on the first meeting a couple of weeks ago they acknowledged that was a mistake. They will make sure none of that money is wasted. All because there will be an oversight board, person scurtinizing every move.

None of this grilling took place for the financial giants that got their hands on the 700 billion. Why is that fair? Double standards is what got us all in this trouble in the first place and yes Paulsen was allowed unaccountability and had the right to change the letter of the process in why and how they were going to get and dole out the money. Blame your Congress people for that blunder and not punish the hard working auto workers entirely. Resolving this wave after wave of bad news will work itself out and calm seas will once again be upon us.

May peace and harmony be in all our families this year.

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12/5/2008 1:28:16 PM

good post, marine !



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12/5/2008 1:58:58 PM

Make the bailout banks give loans to the auto companies.

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12/5/2008 2:00:57 PM


Congress makes the laws and changes the laws to suit their needs.

Do you really think that there would be a border problem if Congress wanted it fixed?


Obama appoints Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano for secretary of homeland security.

Everyone knows Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be better suited to get the job done.

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12/5/2008 2:15:12 PM

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ??? Seriously ???

Other than forcing Arizona inmates to live in outdoor (Gitmo-like) jail cells...

... and dressing'em up in PINK jumpsuits...what has that asshat ever done ? LOL

Come on Rumpled, get real !

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