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11/25/2007 5:58:17 PM

Here's a few stocks that have promise for Monday, 11/26/07

SAPE--Not even phased by the recent market downtrend. Now bouncing up off its 25 & 50 DMAs and 50WK.MA which are all in uptrends. Not a lot of those around these days.

EGO--Breaking Pattern TRL (Trend Line Resistance) might encounter a bit of resistance at the 50 DMA.

CBK--I suspect this one has some long term legs. There is likely to be considerable resistance around $19~$20 at the 25 & 50 MO.MAs but they are both flat so they may also serve as support if they are violated as resistance. This one has accumulation phases for Monthly, Weekly and Daily Charts. This should provide considerable synergy higher.
Daily Chart has broken the TRL formed by the ST(Short Term) consolidation on the DC(Daily Chart).

COMP is testing the 3 week TLR as resistance now with Daily and Weekly Charts oversold and the Weekly Chart showing a bounce up off of its 50 WK.MA. This is a bullish indication, IMO.
A break of TLR at EoD(End of Day) would be a buy signal in that time frame.
A better buy signal would be a bounce up off of the 25 HR.MA on the Hourly Chart with a stochastic +Xover (fast line cross above the slow line).
All JMO(Just MY Opinion)

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11/27/2007 1:48:22 PM

Good to see you back! The last I saw, you were going into options..

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11/27/2007 9:51:54 PM

mgrimail, thanks. Its good to be back.
I looked into options a bit but not enough to feel comfortable trading them. Not up to speed on delta etc.
I think it was one day last week when there was a huge move to the downside and certain put options didn't budge.
I'm signed up for an IB online options course in Dec.
That should help.

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11/27/2007 10:28:38 PM

COMP 50 HR.MA has been stiff resistance during this whole sell off.
It was violated as support on 11/05 and has been resistance ever since.
An interesting study. Notice how the 10 & 15 HR.MAs were immediate support at the end of Oct.
On Nov 1st they became resistance and the 25 HR.MA was immediate support.
During the final 2 hours of the 11/02 session, the 25 HR.MA was lost as support and confirmed as resistance. Re-tested as resistance again on 11/03 and confirmed again.
Then on 11/06 and 11/07 the 50 HR.MA was confirmed as resistance.
After the second hour of 11/07 that confirmed the 50 HR.MA. all Hourly Chart MA support was lost and began a cascade waterfall sell off.
We need to see a similar process in reverse for a rally to occur.

Currently the 10, 15 and 25 HR.MAs have been broken as resistance but none have yet been confirmed as support.

COMP closed today with what appears to be a new accumulation phase under way ( the second one for the session).
Weekly Chart indicates that a ST bottom should be very near.

QQQQ is in an ever tightening drawn out 11 day Pennant pattern which is easily seen on the Hourly Chart.
We should know some time tomorrow if (QQQQ)pattern resistance and (COMP)resistance at the 50HR.MA will hold or not.

Daily Chart pattern resistance is at 2600.
Williams %R is indicating odds are good for a move higher tomorrow.

Even a small rise through to the EoW would confirm the 25 WK MA as support. Weekly Chart slow stochastics are almost completely converged.

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11/28/2007 4:02:11 PM

Correction, the last line should read 50WK.MA instead of 25 WK.MA.

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11/28/2007 4:08:24 PM

Nice to see you're back EWZuber.

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12/4/2007 10:32:24 AM

COMP gapped down to just a tad below the 50 HR.MA this morning as expected. From the 'Post your trades' forum

"12/3/2007 4:08:41 PM

COMP confirmed the 10 & 15 HR.MAs as resistance then went into a distribution phase. Next support at the 50 HR.MA at 2623.59.
I'm concerned that the market will gap down to that level tomorrow morning."

COMP has just tested the 50 HR.MA as support in an oversold condition on the Hourly Chart and bounced up.

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12/4/2007 11:06:57 AM

COMP has risen to test the Hourly Chart TLR (Trend Line Resistance) at 2636 and bounced down. Now it will drop to retest the 50 HR.MA. as support at 2626.
There is an ever tightening squeeze right here.

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12/4/2007 12:54:34 PM

Solar stocks are on fire.
ASTI +8.45%
CSUN +12%
ESLR +4%
SPIR +7%
LDK +21%
TSL +5%

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12/4/2007 1:02:19 PM

Its looking like the COMP may continue higher the rest of the session. There is still pattern resistance to deal with at 2635 but COMP has broken above the 5Min/50MA which is now just about flat and can serve as support.
5 MInute chart stochastics beginning to oscillate in an overbought condition which is a very bullish indication.

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