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4/30/2007 11:08:16 AM

Why wasn't this promoted here ?

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4/30/2007 5:39:14 PM

TRO has been very generous on SF, sharing his knowledge, techniques, and answering questions. Like the rest of us, hes just looking for the mis-priced financial assets. Perhaps this is one.
Be interesting to see how he does. Ive often wondered how these ads work out.

Why wasn't this promoted here? About $500,000 short here. Its only pocket change.

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4/30/2007 11:03:47 PM

Good for him TRO is a class act that deserves all the success that comes his way.

I always tell those I know that are new to trading that it isnt necessary to spend a dime on services but I would make the exception here. I will proudly recommend this link knowing the caliber of the individual behind it's creation.

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5/1/2007 8:54:39 AM

This forum is NOT for promoting, it's for sharing FREELY. If anything, this thread should be DELETED.

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5/2/2007 3:55:40 AM

i wanted to make an order but my country was not listed there so i can't put my address.
so can you add it to your country list TRO


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5/2/2007 6:35:05 PM

"This forum is NOT for promoting, it's for sharing FREELY. If anything, this thread should be DELETED."

Oh brother....can somebody hand TRO a violin, with inscription that reads..."I'm the most modest person on the planet!"

I mean...LOL...TRO is the biggest back door scammer I know! LOL...funnny

Didn't you just love the part where TRO said..."only 1000 will be sold!" ROFLMAO!!!! That was great Avery! I just love seeing those cheezzy little websites. Now I know why TRO wants this thread "deleted." lol....

Keep up the great work Avery....cant wait for Russell to see this! LOL....


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5/2/2007 6:49:19 PM

Hey wait a cotton-pickin-minute!...where's the P.O.Box number? No way guys....this isn't "TRO!" It's an imposter, trying to be TRO!, if there's no P.O. Box, then it's NOT Avery's...



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5/3/2007 12:19:15 AM

Nobody...and I mean...NOBODY... SOOO SOOO SOOO hard to present...and, put forth an "internet persona"...without EVENTUALLY trying to one way or another !

And I don't have a problem with that ! fwiw


TRO has provided these Forums with SOOO much FREE's...well...quite frankly...unbelievable !

BUT...there are PLENTY of SF contributors here...

...and most of them will NEVER try to "capitalize" !

I don't have a problem with that...either !!!

Hey !!!

TRO NEVER...promoted this "Gap Bounce System" HERE...on the SF Forums !

TRO NEVER... attempted to "BAIT" anyone HERE... into some ridiculous "eBay SCAM" one individual here once did !


In short, TRO has given FAR MORE to these Forums...than he will EVER receive back !

If, along the way he thinks he has discovered a "system"...and he thinks it is "valuable" enough to "put a price on" and try to "peddle"...then...I say...


Good luck in your endeavors !

TRO...PLEASE know NOW are NO LONGER "ONLY" what you always purported to be...that is...someone who ALWAYS "gives your scans/filters/indicators away for FREE" are NOW...just another "VENDOR"...JUST LIKE eSIGNAL...whom you purport to despise...SELLING YOUR ANYONE willing to whip out their Credit Card !!! LOL



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5/3/2007 2:43:59 AM

When does the camera pan over to the part of the beach where the nice girls in bikinis play volleyball?

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5/3/2007 12:57:02 PM

Hey Alf:

My arm was "twisted". I am NOT involved in the selling. The marketers handle all that stuff. I just get my share whenever someone buys. I can code a filter or indicator in minutes. Takes me WEEKS to document it properly. That's worth a little something, isn't it?

I still post FREE code on SF and

I still help people for FREE via posts, email, IM, phone, and my chatroom.

So I haven't gone over to the "DARK SIDE".

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