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7/30/2004 12:03:35 PM

I am interested in adding a condition to my filters that excludes stocks that have fallen below a certain volume level at anytime in the last X number of days. Ideally, something like "MINIMUM VOLUME(30) above 50000" to omit any stock that traded less than 50000 shares during ANY of the last 30 days. Does something like this exist? I did not find it looking through the user guide. Does anyone know if there is an alternative way to accomplish this?


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7/30/2004 2:32:25 PM


Try "volume 30 day low is greater than 50000". I use this all the time (except with 25 days > 100,000). This certainly removes the spike in average volume if there's one "mega" volume day.

Generally, you can test for "<indicator> <period> [high | low]", where <period> is a number followed by "day" or "week", and <indicator> is any available SF indicator.



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7/30/2004 6:08:02 PM

Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. Sorry about the double post. Just trying to be sure it got noticed.

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