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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Dear reader,

Greg McCoach just returned from the PDAC Investment Conference in Toronto.

If you have never been to the PDAC conference, I urge you to go. It's one of the largest junior exploration investment events of the year... with attendance reaching 18,000.

At this year's conference, Greg told the audience about a secret way to buy gold at a deep discount to its current price of $990 an ounce.

It's a market anomaly that allows you to buy gold for just $152 an ounce.

The report below explains how to do it.

Best regards,

Brian Hicks
Publisher, Wealth Daily

The Only Place to Buy Gold for...


Dear Reader:

About a year ago, I alerted readers to a special situation taking place in Northern China - a North American Gold company landed a find so massive that investors could pick up an ounce for just $57.

At that time, the stock was trading for $1.17 a share. Today the company sells for $2.80 - already turning every $10,000 into more than $23,931.

But if you missed the first time I alerted readers to this opportunity, don't worry. We're just getting started.

That's because right now, gold's on an absolute rampage, trading at $974/oz.

With no signs of it slowing down, imagine being able to pick it up $152/oz.

You could turn every $10,000 invested into $63,906.

Even if gold's value crashes, and I mean drops as much as 50%, you'd still come out with $31,953 - while other investors watch their assets plummet!

Pretty good return, right?

Well, a few investors loading up on this (currently) tiny $2.80 North American mining company are about to experience that exact scenario. And in this letter, I'm going to show you exactly how you can too!

You see, thanks to the market slowly catching up, this company continues spinning dimes into dollars...even for investors starting today.

But there's not much time left. So let me quickly cut right to the chase.

In short...

This tiny outfit found so much gold that their mine is expected to produce 631% more gold PER YEAR than the average mine in China

Imagine for a second that you came across a gold deposit so massive that, out of 1,200 mines, yours instantly becomes the fourth largest in the nation.

I'm talking about a tiny company, with a $443 million market cap, that finds $2.62 Billion worth of the yellow metal in their first spot!

With 2.9 million ounces, they have more gold in this one mine than the entire Federal Reserve Gold Holding of Australia, Canada and Mexico combined!

To top it off, it's so big that it's expected to produce 631% more gold per year than the average mine in China.

To get started all you need are your mining permits and registration from the government and it's "Fat City."

Normally, however, that's a several-year process.

But that's just what makes this opportunity so shockingly rare.

In July 2007, they didn't just start mining, they poured the mine's first gold bars.

In two minutes, I'll show you how getting your piece of this stock is easier than checking your email. But you're going to have to hurry.

The fourth largest gold mine in China went online in July. Now, this tiny company prepares to become a GIANT.

Right now, they're a fresh producer. They still have a market cap of only $443 million. Heck, shares right now are $2.80 apiece!
"I have NEVER made this kind of money at investing. I am addicted to profits!"

- Jim, Utah

But that's all changing over the coming months.

As they pour each bar, their tangible valuation skyrockets.

That's because this company's going to produce more than $2.62 BILLION worth of gold - which would mean a share price 486% over the current valuation.

For a few investors loading up right now, the potential turnaround is just massive. We're talking about making $6.39 for every $1 put in.
If this company was trading at fair value, the price would be $17.89.

And that's just from one mine. I haven't even factored in the company's...

Six new exploration permits issued in Asia's largest producing gold belt.

The Tian Shan Gold Belt is often compared to the famous Witwatersrand in South Africa - the world's largest gold belt.

Crossing the borders of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, and China, it's the second largest belt in the world.

This belt, not even completely explored, already holds the largest single gold deposit in the world - 175 million ounces.

The average of the major deposits in this belt is 31.7 million ounces.

But here's the thing.

Because of a 53-year gold ban in China since 1949, the massive Tian Shan gold belt inside that enormous country has yet to be exploited. And as you can see below, it runs through all of China.

Check it out:

And this $2.80 company is expecting to find even bigger gold deposits along the belt.

How much gold are we talking about?

Well... China's Ministry of Land and Resources estimates there to be a whopping 22,000 tons of gold under the soil.

That's enough to exceed the world's demand for the next 25 years!

And this company's picked up six more exploration permits, right in the heart of this massive under-explored belt.

In fact, judging by the average deposit size, each one of their permitted sites could be several times larger than their most advanced project, the one that went online in July.

I'll fill you in on all of the company's properties and show you exactly how much investors like yourself stand to make from them in your free report.

But you've got to step on it. The amount of gold in China is turning out to be far greater than anyone expected.

Just over the past decade, China has come up in the ranks to become the world's fourth largest gold producing nation.

China Is Expected to Become the World's Largest Gold Producer.

That's right.

Last year, China was the fourth largest gold producing country in the world. Only South Africa, Australia and the United States were ahead of it.

But here's the thing... since 1996, China's gold production has increased 41.39%. And China is just getting started in terms of exploring for the yellow metal.

South African, Australian and U.S. production slipped by 40.9%, 9.19%, and 20.53% during the same time period.

In fact, according to Goldletter International, China's going to become the world's largest gold producer within the next decade.

And this tiny company is lined up to reap some of the fastest profits the Far East is going to produce.

That's pretty easy to do, considering they have some of the best geologists in the business.

And the geologists and management in this company are second to none. After a few meetings and viewing the sites with my own two eyes, I'm a firm believer. Their head geologist is so elated, he talks about the areas like a man possessed. If these guys get excited about an area, I and my fellow investors are thrilled.

Why, the last time I saw a play this profitable, we were sitting on more than 1,803% gains inside of 19 months!

Heck, for the past six years, we've been crushing the market averages. While the Dow's barely been treading water, we've strolled to the bank with 212% annual gains.

How did we do it?

Let me show you.
Secrets of a Mining Speculator

Hi. I'm Greg McCoach.

For the past six years, while other investors played stale blue chips, I've been showing home-run investments to people just like you, year after year.

Greg McCoach is the managing editor of the Mining Speculator and President of AmeriGold, a gold bullion dealer.

His stellar track record is one of the reasons why many of Hollywood's elite go to him to buy physical gold.

Greg's portfolio returns are nothing short of astonishing. Check this out...







Had you invested $10,000 in Greg's portfolio at the beginning of 2001 and reinvested the gains and the original invested capital at the beginning of each year, you'd be sitting on $2.4 million. Now that's the magic of compounding!

This year's not going to be any different.

Now, other analysts might call my stocks "speculative." But the thing is, I don't just pick up any old low-priced stock.

No, no, no. There's a reason why we're sitting on these consistent, massive gains - and luck has a lot less to do with it than you might think.

You see, over the past two decades, my experience has shown that there are three critical elements to raking in eye-popping returns.

Number one: The Advantage of Junior Mining Companies

Why invest in juniors?

That's easy - money and unparalleled leverage.

You see, it's not uncommon for junior mining companies to experience huge gains (tenfold or more) very quickly as news of a discovery leaks out.

On top of that, the exploding bull market in precious metals not only focuses more attention on the sector, but also causes even more money to be spent on exploration. And the payback for a new find increases exponentially.

It works like this:

Say, for example, we find a million-ounce deposit of gold. And an engineering study suggests it could be mined over ten years at a cost of $250 an ounce, including capital. Now, let's assume gold sells for only $350 an ounce.

That deposit's worth roughly $100 million.

But check this out:

If gold shot to $400 an ounce (a 15% increase), the value of the same gold deposit launches to $150 million (a 50% gain). That's over 300% leverage to the gold price (50/15).

Now, with today's gold price of $974, that deposit is worth $724 million. And if gold hits $1,000 an ounce, just like many analysts are predicting, that same deposit would be worth $750 million!

Now that's leverage!

And that's why I like this tiny $2.80 gold company in China so much. With the gold price as high as it is right now and the size of their property - 2.9 million ounces - it's a no-brainer.

But there's more.

You see, in the mining world, it's no secret that the majority of mineral deposits are found by junior mining companies and individual prospectors.

There are several reasons for this:

* Junior explorers are not slow-moving bureaucracies like many senior companies. Juniors make fast decisions both in the boardroom and in the field.

* Senior resource companies generally have a different role to play, namely, to fund and put into production deposits discovered and developed by juniors.

* But it's the talent, motivation and dedication of their management teams that is the secret to most juniors' success.

Number two: Know the Management Team Inside and Out


When I'm looking at a company, I spend hours, days, and weeks with CEOs and geologists-even with the companies I would NEVER recommend.

It's the only way you can truly get a feel for their expertise.

After all, in the mining business, if an exploration geologist finds a mine, it's likely that he'll find others.

That's because far fewer than 5% of all exploration geologists will ever be credited with a discovery leading to a producing mine. What's more, less than one out of every 1,000 exploration sites will ever turn into a mine.

But those select, gifted explorers who find numerous mines seem to have a sixth sense that helps them to succeed.

Finding these geologists isn't the easiest task in the world.

I'll admit that it took quite a few failures before I started finding the perfect traits in an exploration company.

But they're all drawn to it for the same reason... money.

It's the huge potential that comes when a discovery's made.

You see, as part of a junior mining company, the geologist who makes the discovery might get $10 million, $20 million or $100 million in capital gains for his efforts.

After all, in the life cycle of a mining stock, it's the exploration phase that provides the biggest move in share price (leverage). A jump of several thousand percent isn't too uncommon - especially with a massive find like the one in Northern China.

The best and brightest mine finders know it. And they'll search the world over to make a new discovery. When they do, the monetary rewards are tremendous, for both the management team and for investors.

In your free report, you'll learn all about the dedicated management team behind my number-one play for 2008.

Number three: The Final, Simplest, and Most Overlooked Part of Making a Fortune Investing

It's best summed up by J. Paul Getty, one of the most successful investors of modern times. What did Getty know about building wealth and investing for spectacular gains that his contemporaries didn't?

Several years before he died, Getty shared his "secret." In his autobiography, he explained that whenever he made an investment, he tried to apply this simple principle:

If you want to make money, really big money, do what nobody else is doing.

In Getty's own words, "Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying." This isn't merely a catchy slogan. It's the very essence of successful investing.

But as simple as it sounds, too many people do just the opposite. They buy high and sell low. They're trend followers or, to put it more bluntly, they follow the crowd..

The successful investor is a trendsetter, not a trend follower. He gets in - and out - ahead of the crowd.

The ones who do, especially during a precious metals bull market, are rewarded with explosive rewards.

How big?

Well, the last super bull market in precious metals, from 1975 to 1980, saw many mining stocks go from under $2.00 a share in 1975 to hundreds of dollars per share by 1980.

A $5,000 investment in Lion Mines in 1975 turned into $27.14 million. That's right. Over $27 million from just $5,000.

In 1986, a $5,000 investment in Barick gold would have turned into $329,787!

That's what J. P. Getty was talking about when he said, "If you want to make big money, really big money!"

Guess what?

We're entering another bull market for precious metals.

If you had invested just $5,000 in Denison Mines in 2003, you would have made more than $395,000.

A $5,000 investment in Aurelian Resources in early 2006 would have turned into $390,000!

Mark my words: This new bull market is just getting started. The second I realized how explosive these gains were going to be, I had to seize the opportunity.

Welcome to the Mining Speculator

In January of 2000, I set out to create the most profitable mining investment advisory service the world's ever seen - the Mining Speculator.

We don't waste time with stocks that dawdle on their way up the ladder. We're investing for one reason - to become filthy rich.

Since 2000, we've found some of the most undervalued stocks on the planet. We've grabbed our piece just before the biggest gains occur. And this Chinese gold play is ready for a monstrous gain.

We scour the earth for these opportunities as protection against the financial uncertainties that currently engulf the US and world markets. As the saying goes:

"Periods of great crisis also offer great opportunity."

Right now - without question - the best opportunities for investors to protect themselves against the coming financial reckoning are with precious metals and mining stocks.

In addition to our picks in the mining sector, we dish out the most accurate and truthful economic commentary that we can find to help investors just like you sift through the massive amount of disinformation put out by the mainstream media.

And we're seeing some explosive gains.

Check it out:

That's a 212% average gain for the past five years - year after year!

Some of what we have to say is hard to swallow. And some people just don't have the stomach for index-busting gains. If you think this isn't for you, don't worry. It's not for everyone.

But if you think you can handle it, keep reading.

How a small stake of $10,000 became $2.4 MILLION within five years!

Had you been with us since 2001 and started with $10,000, after reinvesting the gains and the original capital at the beginning of each year you'd be sitting on $2.4 million. Now that's the magic of compounding!

And I'm not talking about a few picks, either. Right now, we're loaded up with 22 open positions, only seven of which are negative. And, winners and losers included, we're still up 144% since January 1, 2006!

To make triple-digit returns, you need triple-digit plays.

Right now, with 15 winning positions open, nine have already hit triple-digit gains.

We've even had 9 positions bring back more than 10 times the original investment since 2000!

Keep in mind that you will never read about 99% of these companies in the Journal, Barron's, Reuters, or see them featured on CNBC.

And like I said, we're just getting started in this new commodities bull market. I fully expect to see more of these winners before the run is over.

That's why I've just finished a new report called "My #1 China Gold Play" detailing this tiny $2.80 gold company that's extracting 2.9 million ounces. And I want you to have it... for NOTHING!

How to Access your FREE Report Right Now

That's right. The report is yours free when you sign up for my moneymaking service, the Mining Speculator.

By joining the Mining Speculator, you are entering one of the most elite inner circles in the investment world.

If you're looking to start making several hundred, even several thousand percent gains in precious metals exploration and mining stocks... this is the service for you.

You'll learn about these stocks before they become household names... before Wall Street analysts start buying. Once Wall Street gets in and drives the price through the roof, that's when you'll take your earnings.

And get ready to make some cash off the next new play.

So here's the deal:

I've seen other services out there boasting a fraction of my track record trying to charging $1,900 or $5,000. Heck, I've even seen them charging $10,000. And their track records are mediocre at best.

Listen. I have no interest in charging you anything near those levels.

This is what I'm going to do.

When you sign up for the Mining Speculator, you will get the full details on My #1 China Gold Play.

Plus, you'll also receive one year of profit producing research, including my monthly Mining Speculator reports and full access to the Mining Speculator website... all for $99 a year or $179 for two years.

That's less than $0.28 a day to get in on today's life-changing mining and exploration stocks.

Remember, a $5,000 investment in Lion Mines in 1975 would now be worth over $27 million.

The companies I want to share with you today have this kind of potential payoff. Let me help you make those returns.

But I can't promise the price will remain that low for long. My publisher is already talking of hiking the price several hundred dollars more per year.

Locking in a one or (even cheaper) two year membership guarantees that you receive the Mining Speculator even after other people could be paying more.

And at any time you're not completely satisfied with the quality of service and commentary we offer, simply cancel before 30 days and I'll refund every penny!

That's it! Not a single question asked!

How many other services have you seen that offer you a refund this good?

Plus, if you decide to cancel, you can keep my newest research report, My #1 China Gold Play. It's yours FREE.

But like I said, this baby is poised to start moving any day.

You can sign up by clicking on the "Subscribe Now" button below.


Greg McCoach

P.S. I can't emphasize enough just how critical this special situation is. You see, the $2.80 North American mining company that's sitting on 2.9 million ounces of gold has just gone online.

The fastest gains have started pouring in. And the rally to $17.89 has just begun. Make sure you're on the receiving end of the profits! Join the Mining Speculator today.

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Freegold Ventures Limited is a North American gold exploration company with a proven ... and recently acquired the Towerstone Gold Project in NW China.

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