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11/9/2005 6:22:59 AM

Hi Everyone.

I am new here. Can someone kindly advise me how to find this -

The NR4/IB set up is a combination of a narrow range bar that is the smallest of the last
four days while at the same time is an inside bar against the previous days bar.

NR4) Narrow Range 4 Bar: (above) A NR4 is a bar with the smallest range of the
previous four bars to include the current bar.

IB) Inside Bar: (above) An inside bar is a bar where as the high is equal to or lower
than the prior days high and the low is equal to or higher than the prior days low. Itís
important to note here that only the high OR the low can be equal to the prior days high
or low Ė not both. Itís crucial that either the high or low be inside of the prior days range.

NR4/IB) Narrow Range 4 Inside Bar: (above) To have an Inside Bar Narrow Range 4,
the current bar has to be a combination of both a NR4 and Inside Bar as describe above.

Thx very much

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11/9/2005 6:36:30 AM


Anyone has any strategies using this NR4/IB or NR4?

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11/9/2005 11:02:17 AM


This scan filter will get you more NR4/Inside Days than you can shake a stick at:

Fetcher[/* NR4/Inside Day Scan */

Show stocks where

Day Point Range reached a new 4 day Low and
High is below High 1 day ago and
Low is above Low 1 day ago and

Average Volume(65) is above 100000 and
Volume is above 100000 and
Price is above 1 and

do not Draw Day Point Range and
do not Draw Average Day Point Range and
do not Draw Day Point Range 4-day low and

chart-time is 3 Months


These NR4s, NR7s, Inside Days areas of Range Contraction. They are often watched by short-term traders and played as what is referred to as Volatility Breakouts. The expectatation is that Range Expansion (ie. Wide Range Days) will follow Range Contraction.

An entry method could be a simple breakout above/below the previous High/Low. Another could be a breakout above/below the current or minus some percentage of the previous days range. The idea is to look for Range Expansion to follow these Contraction areas.



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11/9/2005 11:45:52 AM

Thx alf44

Btw, What do you think of trading using this method?
Is there a possiblilty of backtesting it?


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11/9/2005 3:40:12 PM

Another great Key Reversal Day example...

...pull-up a 3 Month Daily chart of JPM !

Take a look at the Oct. 13 '05 candle !

JPM made a new 60 day Low on Oct. 13 (this was also a new 52 week Low) successfully tested and held Support from the Low made back in April of this year !

The OPEN was very nearly the Low of the day...the CLOSE was very nearly the HIGH of the day !

It was an Outside Day !

Text book example of a Key Reversal Day !

JPM has practically been parabolic since Oct. 13...up about 14% in 20 days !

Not bad for a stodgy ole DOW 30 stock huh ?

BTW, my filter (posted above) nailed this move to the well as the WMT (Sept. 22 Key Reversal Day) example I pointed out in a previous post ! fwiw



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11/9/2005 3:46:41 PM

yikes !!!

Sorry bout that...wrong message window !

I meant to post that over on the "Key Reversal Day" thread...jeeez !

My bad !!!


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11/10/2005 12:10:54 AM


Sorry for the delay in responding !

I DO like these "Volatility Breakout" plays !

You have to understand the timeframe though !

They are very short-term !

Typically, you're looking at 1 to 3 day trades ! Possibly even "Day Trades" !

You have to be very agile !

You have to have very clear entry/exit criteria...but, that should always be the case whatever the timeframe. I'm just saying that this type of trading might require a different mindset!

Obviously, strict Money Managment/Trade Management shold be exercised !

As for "backtesting" these need a clear exit strategy. That can be problematic with the current SF backtest feature. At least, that's the way I understand it. I WILL say though...there are many here that are MUCH more familiar with the SF Backtest feature than I am. Perhaps, they will offer more input !

Good Luck !



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11/10/2005 8:08:18 AM


Thank for your reply.

Today i felt extremely mentally & physically tired! looks @ my account down 50%
Coz for the past 3 mths i have been :( on my Options positions.
Well Perseverance and Passion still in place!

But i m happy 2 find so many pple passionate here!

I will do my best to learn from your guys here.

The above Concept of NR4/IB is from a ebook called "RapidFireSwing Trading"
I have almost purchase many than 15 ebooks on strategies but did not manage to applied them.

BTW, My MSN messenger is workfreely007 at

Hope someone will look for me in MSN.

Thank you

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