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4/30/2008 1:30:22 AM

Not a live pick for this slow footed non day trader but POT will hopefully calm down a bit after that fed action for me to enter this stock again.

I think it is funny that RBC, who had a price target of $300 on 15.02 eps
for 2009 on the 25th, downgraded 3 days after AFTER JP Morgan raised its 2009 eps to 18.50, due to the stock price runup. Whats up with that?

Looks as if POT is now less than 10x 2009 eps at this moment.
But, now its posible that they can dissapoint.


From notablecalls on the 25th:

potash (NYSE:POT): JP Morgan raises 2009 EPS est way high - expect a positive reaction
JP Morgan is out with a major earnings change on Potash (NYSE:POT) this morning raising their 2009 EPS est to $18.50 from $11.75 a share (vs. consensus $12.70).

Firm's 2008 earnings estimate goes to $10.50 from $8.95 a share.

Notablecalls: Wow, this is probably one the largest EPS est raises I've seen in a long time. POT has gotten whacked over the past two days on apparent "sell-the-news" reaction to their fantastic results.

I suspect POT will be re-testing the $200 level today following JPM's call.

PS: Currently, RBC Capital has the Street high $300 tgt on POT. This tgt is based on their 2009 EPS of $15.02, which is over $3 lower than JPM's new EPS est. Fwiw.

posted by notablecalls # 6:49 AM 3 comments


From , news on 4/29 symbol POT

Closing Glance: Shares of agricultural chemicals declineApril 29, 2008 4:27 PM ET advertisement

All Associated Press newsNEW YORK (AP) - Shares of most agricultural chemical companies declined on Tuesday, after an RBC Capital Markets analyst downgraded shares of Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan on a run-up in the stock price.

Analyst Fai Lee downgraded the stock to "Outperform" from "Top Pick," and said shares may settle following recent good news.

Here's how shares of major agricultural chemical companies fared Tuesday:

DuPont Co., down 51 cents to $48.67.

Dow Chemical Co., up 6 cents to $40.10.

Potash Corp., down $12.01, or 6.2 percent, to $181.49.

Mosaic Co., down $5.62, or 4.5 percent, to $118.06.

2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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4/30/2008 8:47:43 AM

.....anyone have NEU or LNN on their radar screen? both have been beaten down the last couple of days. i like neu better and will be watching closly today for an entry. any thoughts?

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4/30/2008 9:03:23 AM

TROUT: love your picks, good luck bro.

Picks: CETV...SPWR...LNT

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4/30/2008 9:49:35 AM


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4/30/2008 10:08:36 AM

Hi JP,

Nice Picks. I have to get to sleep earlier I see. I thought today
would be HO HUM, but not for JP, the King of Swing (and Gap)

Out XTXI plus 1%
OUt CPB plus 1%
Out UVV plus 2 %

Want to go lite into the FED meeting

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4/30/2008 10:32:16 AM

Picked up a little AKNS this morning at $6.63.

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4/30/2008 10:36:35 AM

JP, just curious when you entered CETV and SPWR?

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4/30/2008 11:07:26 AM

Max: just before close yesterday...I buy just before close and sell at open...if I am not in meetings, those "emergency" meetings. I bought four stocks yesterday, LNT was a mistake because it wasn't above 100ema, was in a hurry to get home. I am also holding ERTS ($51.55) for a longer time frame...hope that helps.

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4/30/2008 11:40:45 AM

Thanks JP. Thought that might be what you're doing. Seems a bit risky to me though since stocks gap quite a bit. Very good if in your favor but not so good if it gaps against you. Does your method identify stocks that have a high probability of gapping in the desired direction?

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4/30/2008 11:57:56 AM

MAX: it identifies only direction not gapping. I noticed the gaping depends on the length of time at support ie. SPWR, ERTS, I wouldn't be surprise if ERTS gaps in the next few days...cheers

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