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12/20/2007 9:28:39 AM

I will buy this basket of stocks at the open and close before EOD. Yesterday's return was 5.88%



set{CCb,days(close is above close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CCa,days(close is below close 1 day ago,100)}
set{ClxCl , CCa - CCb}

add column ClxCl

/* Long Profit Percent Statistics Display */

set{volcnt, count(volume above 1000000, 100) }
set{volzero, count(volume equal 0, 100) }

set{HiOp, high - open}
set{Long_Profit, HiOp/open }

set{B1A, count(Long_Profit > .01 , 100)}
set{B2A, count(Long_Profit > .05, 100)}
set{B0010, B1A - B2A}

set{F1A, count(Long_Profit > .05 , 100)}
set{F2A, count(Long_Profit > .10, 100)}
set{F3040, F1A - F2A}

set{I100, count(Long_Profit > .10 , 100)}

add column HiOp
add column Long_Profit {ProfitPct}

and add column B0010 {1_5}
and add column F3040 {5_10}
and add column I100 {10___}

and add column volcnt
and add column volzero

sort column 10 descending
Draw bollinger band(40,0.4)

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12/20/2007 9:56:20 AM

basket up 9% this morning...looking to sell soon...chicken in this market.

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12/20/2007 11:33:05 AM

No way you were ever up 9% from the open.

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12/20/2007 11:45:13 AM

I am not asking you to believe sir, after six years of university I think I can count to at least ten( most times (-:

My intention here is only to share ideas not to brag...I don't have anything to prove. I come to this site with an empty cup, with the intention to learn from all the knowledgeable traders we are so blessed to have on SF...peace.


you do the math.
oops ..I did not buy cmed ...I just saw it in my posted basket

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12/20/2007 4:33:50 PM

I'm old and slow. When someone says they are up 9% I think they are saying that their investment is up 9%. ie. If they invested $1000 that they now have $1090.
At least thats how we figured return in the old days.

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12/20/2007 5:06:22 PM

these were the other stocks that came up in my buy list this morning, but I couldn't afford or manage them all.

agu...6.87% ( I wish I had bought this)

I could only manage five stocks with my full time job.

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12/21/2007 3:21:11 PM

edu...up 6.6%...I was one day too early yesterday... BOOYA scan came through again. Note: I sold this yesterday for a small loss (0.2%).

AGU..up about 7% this is the stock I didn't buy yesterday but got in this morning.

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12/21/2007 3:34:30 PM

I am a newbie here. May I know how you find these stocks? Which filter do you use?

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12/21/2007 4:10:37 PM

Welcome to SF... try this filter from Tro(resident filter Guru). We have some great filter Gurus on SF. Try using the search option for the numerous filters and choose one that fits your trading style...good luck.

/* Basic Filter for newbies and old pros */

set{E36b,days(ema(3) is above ema(6),100)}
set{E36a,days(ema(3) is below ema(6),100)}
set{E3xE6, E36a - E36b}

set{E50200b,days(ma(50) is above ma(200),100)}
set{E50200a,days(ma(50) is below ma(200),100)}
set{M50xM200, E50200a - E50200b}

set{E1326b,days(ema(13) is above ema(26),100)}
set{E1326a,days(ema(13) is below ema(26),100)}
set{E13xE26, E1326a - E1326b}

set{CCb,days(close is above close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CCa,days(close is below close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CxC, CCa - CCb}

set{E5b,days(close is above ema(5),100)}
set{E5a,days(close is below ema(5),100)}
set{CxE5, E5a - E5b}

set{E50b,days(close is above ma(50),100)}
set{E50a,days(close is below ma(50),100)}
set{CxM50, E50a - E50b}

set{E200b,days(close is above ma(200),100)}
set{E200a,days(close is below ma(200),100)}
set{CxM200, E200a - E200b}

set{T10, count(10 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T60, count(60 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T200, count(200 day slope of the close above 0,1)}

Set{a1, T200 * 1}
Set{a2, T60 * 10}
Set{a3, T10 * 100}

Set{aa, a1 + a2}
Set{TREND, aa + a3}

set{v, volume 1 day ago}
set{volinc, volume - v}
set{volpc, volinc / v}
set{volpct, volpc * 100}

set{VolZ, days(volume < 1,100)}
set{VolUp, days(volume is below volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolDn, days(volume is above volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolCnt, VolUp - VolDn}

set{vck1, volume 1 day ago }
set{vck, volume / vck1 }
set{vdbl, days(vck < 2, 100)}

and add column VolCnt
and add column Vdbl
and add column VolZ

and add column Trend

and add column CxC {CxC_}
and add column CxE5 {CxE5}

and add column E3xE6 {E3xE6}
and add column E13xE26 {E13xE26}

and add column CxM50
and add column CxM200
and add column M50xM200

add column rsi(2)
add column weekly rsi(2)

close above 1
volume above 1000000

vdbl above 0

sort column 6 descending

Picking out stocks where the daily volume at least doubled.

Profits usually follow.

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