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1/23/2008 12:53:53 PM

During a bull market the IBD100 is great, but where can I find something similar for a bear market? Too bad they don't have an IBD 100 crappiest stocks in the crappiest industries to run short filters through. Or do they and I just miss it?

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1/23/2008 1:32:17 PM

As you may know IBD publishes the Top 200 in their Thursday edition. I'm pretty certain they have the Bottom 200 in the same edition. Check it out.


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1/23/2008 1:43:20 PM

That's because in a bear market, they're all crap! lol

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1/24/2008 12:47:49 PM

bety, that is a great question. I have been looking for the same for a long time now. If anyone has any sugestions for finding good stocks to short based on their current fundamentals I would love to here it.

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1/24/2008 7:24:27 PM

hi, go to, they have a stock scanner that's free. on there home page you will see tm stocks. on the drop down menu select stock scanner. there are articles on how to run scans, for up markets, down markets. you can do anything with this thing. the best free thing on the web.

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1/24/2008 9:08:39 PM

The talking heads are preaching cost averaging down into this market.Easy for them to say,but in the last 30 days anyone holding long positions got their head handed to them.QID is looking good pulling back on the short side.But the fact is anything held in this market longer than a day is real risky business...........

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1/25/2008 1:04:38 PM

jhar3, checked out the site and it looks pretty good. can you post a link where the site talks about scans for going short. Thanks!

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1/25/2008 6:01:07 PM

I am also a user of IBD100. Miketranz summed it up for me. Lots of company risk holding overnight in this environment. A while back, I believe it was perolpeter, said to keep the complementary etfs on your desktop such as DIG/DUG, QLD/QID, XLF/SKF XNB/?, SRS/? etc..
(sorry they are not complete pairs)

Until things stabilize this is one way of playing both sides without so much volatility and company risk. I dont short stocks. Now lets see if I can follow this path myself

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1/26/2008 8:53:05 AM

adamw328 on the stockscanner page click on the how to series. for scanning for shorts is in part 2. i think there are 4 parts to this series.

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1/27/2008 3:31:57 AM

good shorts?? RSI 2 95 or higher
weekly preferably

--- IF you can find one now-----

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