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9/28/2007 8:44:10 AM

Hey jhoffman, my brother lives in Austin. Graduated from UT a coupla years ago and works for some stock trading website (not this one). I have other family up that way... I love the hillcountry.

When I say I remodel houses for now, I mean I have been doing it steady for about six months. For the last 7 years I have been traveling around the world, picking up jobs here and there (mostly here, in the states). But I am getting older and slowing down a next trip is a quick one to New Zealand in November. Only two weeks :(

Soon I hope to be able to live cheaply in some exotic country and be able to spend half an hour online setting up a couple of trades a week. Screw working for a living!

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9/28/2007 9:42:38 AM

betyerbottomdollar 9/28/2007 8:44:10 AM
Soon I hope to be able to live cheaply in some exotic country and be able to spend half an hour online setting up a couple of trades a week. Screw working for a living!


Hey bottomdollar:
A few years ago Costa Rica was the hotspot for easy livin' ... inexpensive beachfront properties, good food, beaches, etc..
Now it's Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize ...
Central America is awesome!
check it out!

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9/28/2007 6:36:43 PM

Haven't been that far south (in North America) yet. Earlier this year I sailed to Mexico from Savannah and had a great time. Mi espanish is es el crappy, but a couple of months of hard-core immersion language schooling is one of the things I keep dreaming about once I am trading for a living.

This will be my third trip to NZ. It is so nice...

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9/28/2007 8:41:39 PM

Physician. Internal Medicine.

Developing stock trading systems and am actively teaching close friends and family how to use one of my successful systems. Love to trade Options.

(1) Filter stocks from Investors Business Daily (IBD) - check my prior posts on this -,

(2) Import filtered list into Vector Vest and use another screening criteria within vector vest,

(3) Export that list into Stock Fetcher to use another simple filter using price, RSI(2) and trending only,

(4) Place the resulting list into Optionetics Platinum website to screen for a bullish Candlestick2 formation then filter that list for a 1 day percentage increase in total Call Open Interest then filter that list for a 1 day percentage decrease in Put/Call Open Interest Ratio.

Use OptionsXpress Strategy Scan to give me the best Options Strategy to trade based on Risk Reward.

By the time I am done with this process I end up with 3-4 stocks ready to give me good profits in the next 2-3 days, Seriously.

I scalp for 5% profit and set my stop loss at 10%. Make decent income from this.


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9/28/2007 8:54:24 PM

hello all you transients, I am in Fort Worth, TX
have lived in Ft Worth, Dallas, Weatherford, Waxahachie, Garland, and now Im back in Ft Worth, originally from Georgia! NO I dont grow peanuts! but thats about all I make trading stocks, I was a Flexographic Printer for 26 years, I am now employed at Textron (Bell Helicopter) and let me tell you, there are some of the laziest people you would ever want to meet (union) there! Printing wore me out physically, so now Im a janitor, but I like it! my goal is to trade full time before I die!

Maybe ALF can help me out(financially) LOL!

Hey Bottom, tell your better half this!

To Tiennes una carra como una Rosa!

Uste es muey er-mosa!

Rub my feet!

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9/29/2007 2:37:01 AM

Just how hard will I get slapped if I tell my little taquito that?? Hopefully she won't speak any english so I can tell her anything I want.

Glad to see people from Texas! I am from Beaumont; thank you in advance for your sympathy.

Danglin, that is a pretty extensive collection of filters you are running. Care to call out a few picks so we can watch how they move? One of my IBD100 filters pinged AFSI. Monday I hope to be in at Friday's close and out at 17 a few days later.

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9/29/2007 8:14:40 PM

No man, I wouldnt do that, all you are saying is that she has a face like a rose and that she is very pretty, after you tell her that she will rub your feet! LOL and the way I see it, there arent too many things better than that!

I went to Beaumont one time to buy a boat, went down HWY 10, it was absolutely HORRIBLE, (the road)! I really like Port Aransas, rode the bikes down one time and slept on the beach! got ran off by the law, apparently they dont like bikes on the beach!

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9/30/2007 1:20:04 AM

I have a boat you can buy. My old man built an aluminum hull panga from the ground up and wants to get rid of it. If you think Beaumont is bad, visit Sabine Pass where he keeps it. The biggest building there is the fire station that Extreme Makeover Home Edition rebuilt after hurricane Rita.

IH 10 is getting better, though I have decided the construction must be perpetual in that once it is finally finished, it's time to redo it again.

They like to keep the beaches clean down at Aransas. Come up to Crystal Beach where you can park your RV in the dunes and live the rest of your life taking in the sweet smell of rotting seaweed and collecting tar balls to burn on those chilly winter nights. And you can tear it up all day long on your bike jumping whoop-d-doos and doing donuts till your filter clogs with sand. Just stay away from the far east end of the beach...that's where the weirdo gay nudist sexual exhibitionists congregate to do things not meant to be done by god-fearing americans. Like discussing Hilary's bid for president. While weirding, naked, gay, sexual and exhibitioning at the same time. I dunno, maybe you are into that kind of stuff, jrbikes. You are from Georgia, after all.

Just kiddin man! You live in Texas now so your sins are forgivable!

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9/30/2007 7:14:06 AM

Electronic engineer, living in Ireland. Only got into trading in the last year or so.

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9/30/2007 8:49:12 AM

hey betyerbottomdollar,

I'm an architect . Have traded on Nyse&Nasdaq for aprox 2 years now.

I trade a lot of pullbacks myself.
Would you post some pullback filthers?


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