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12/11/2008 6:08:37 PM

Id like to express my sincere thanks to the many, many traders who gather here in the StockFetcher forums and who are so generous to others by sharing their knowledge and experiences. While I have learned from many traders and am still learning each and every day, Id like to give special thanks to TRO The Rumpled One.

I can very honestly say that I have learned more from the posts of TRO on StockFetcher than the sum total of all else I have learned about trading from reading, seminars, videos and studying, etc, etc. Also, I find his directness ... some say bluntness ... to be very necessary. I guess I have the personal characteristic where I have to be hit over the head sometimes to learn to focus on what is really important.

I wish I had listened carefully much earlier. Although there are lots of trading methods that may work for others, I've wasted a lot of money in the past year and a half only to conclude exactly what TRO has repeatedly said: the "Fading The Gap Statistics Filter" and strategy for trading along with "Milk the Cows" really is all that I really need to make some money, although I find it impossible to control myself and not try other strategies.

I want to also thank many of you who are and have been very patient with me and others who often need to be given detailed or repeated instructions or need to be led by the nose to understand what is obvious to many of you.

Please continue sharing what you have learned, and hopefully, someday Ill be in the position of knowing enough to help others, too.

Steve Mc

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12/11/2008 7:06:58 PM

Thanks Steve.

But it's funny...

If someone took you to a building, showed you a room where there was a machine and said, "If you come here at 9:30 am and stick a dollar in the machine, it will spit out two dollars", what would you do?

You would probably want to see it work, right?

So you show up the next morning and you see it work.

You show up the next morning and you see it work, again.

You repeat this process for as long as it takes you to be convinced.

Finally, you show up, stick your dollar in the machine and you get two dollars back!!

Now, you show up every morning and do this for days, weeks, months.

Then one day you show up and there are now two machines, the old one and a new one.


Why would you even consider sticking your money in the new machine?

.....Because it's new?


.....Bored with the old machine?

.....Think the new machine might pay more than a dollar?

You're not a MASTER until you master yourself.

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12/12/2008 1:09:32 AM

And here I thought Rump was going to say, and this guy finally said ok I am going to put my money in that machine and when he did he got nothing back. He not only didn't get his two dollars he was wishing for but he got zero, zip, nada. Machine screwed him out of his dollar. Thus, he went away dejected thinking it was too good to be true. The moral of the story is seeing something good happening and wishing it will stay that way is for gamblers only. When you entered this site you need to put your gamblers hat on and even though all these great looking filters look so darn delicious you can never trust them. Only trust yourself. Your gut feelings is what makes things work. These tools set you up to gamble and your head, heart, and gut puts it all together.

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12/12/2008 6:39:59 AM


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12/15/2008 9:47:13 AM

TRO has an ebook? Serious? Where? THANKS

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12/15/2008 10:34:21 AM

i believe the answer is at

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