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1/9/2008 12:38:58 AM

Thanks to fellow SFers responding to my previous post and providing additional references, I've continued to explore aspects of the rapidly unfolding events we find ourselves witnessing with each passing day. As a result, it feels like I've fallen down the rabbit hole and this certainly doesn't look like Wonderland so far...

I'm no Chicken Little...I don't think the sky is falling. I'm not advocating or evangelizing here. FWIW, I'm just passing along information I feel might be helpful...Paying it forward, so to speak...

On that note, below is an eye opening and thought provoking video I came across in my travels for your review, if you feel so inclined...


More info:


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1/9/2008 2:08:47 AM

Thank you for posting!

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1/10/2008 1:43:10 AM

Hi Astro,

I still have those original, weekly, AD 2000, full-page USA Today ads -- aptly named "Project Toto," in homage to Dorothy's puppy exposing the charlatan Wizard of Oz -- challenging our government to validate any law that requires its constituents to pay an income tax. It was chilling to read week-by-week reports by reputable citizens about our government's fanatical operation to silence the advertisements sponsors, which eventually succeeded, cutting short a phenomenal and courageous effort to alert the American populace of the titanic fraud that is being foisted upon them.

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1/10/2008 3:44:46 AM

Better than being a ***damn Red.

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1/10/2008 10:30:00 AM

Petrol...agreed. People need to get a grip!

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1/10/2008 11:08:23 AM

Anarchists are usually painted in black. FWIW


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1/12/2008 12:24:28 AM

A good post by a guy knicknamed "nemog" in the Tampa Tribune:

"The constitution says that we have the right to withhold our taxes until the government answers our [tax] questions. Furthermore, this is about the legality of the income tax and who is legally liable for the tax. When the 16th amendment was passed, it was promoted as a tax on the wealthy; only a very small percentage of people were liable. Think about it, if they tried to pass a law that would take all of your salary for the first four months of the year do you think anyone would support it? The 16th amendment has been gradually abused to the point where it now absorbs nearly a quarter of your yearly wages. This issue is larger, deeper, than most people are willing to understand."

"Sarah1234" added to that theme with the following:

"By the way, federal income tax the biggest financial fraud in the history of our nation. Why doesn't the mainstream ever mention this fact? Nowhere in the constitution does it say we have to pay federal income tax i.e. it's not legal for the federal government to force us to pay income tax. In 1913, then Secretary of State Philander Knox 'committed fraud' when he declared the 16th Amendment (the income tax) had been 'legally ratified' by the states. Wake up America!!!"

Another poster named "Politicus" had this to say about the current Wesley Snipes tax case:

"It's true. The Tax Code is voluntary. The IRS admits it. See this 'quiz' on the IRS' website:

The answer to number 3 in the above quiz is 'TRUE.' The same quiz, of course, say the IRS can come after you. But the IRS publications state the US Tax Code is voluntary. What a joke.

I hope [Wesley] Snipes wins. So what if he doesn't have to pay millions in back taxes? What's that to you and me? The Govt. doesn't care - except for the IRS gomer-stooge-employees who get paid for getting back taxes. The US Govt can print (borrow) money from the Federal Reserve (owned by Private Banks) with impunity. Do you think the Banks (Federal Reserve) care if enough people pay enough taxes? Do you think the Govt. cares when they can borrow endlessly ? -The Govt has a 'credit card' with an unlimited credit line. With the approval of Congress to increase that limit.

Look at a dollar bill. It's a Federal Reserve Note. A Note is a debt instrument. The US Govt turned over the issuance/printing of Currency to the Federal Reserve Banks. They issue Notes, or interest-bearing debt.

These are different than the older Silver or Gold Certificates - backed by actual deposits of gold or silver - not backed by debt guaranteed to be paid back by the US Govt by taxing US Citizens. Our money/currency is fiat currency - backed by nothing of value - except the Credit line of the US Govt.

Again, they are Notes printed by Private Bankers (The Federal Reserve) representing US Govt Debt owed to these same private bankers (The Federal Reserve). They are backed, not by gold or silver, but by the 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States.'

How's your credit line?

Good luck, Mr. Snipes."

Finally, a poster by the name of "satyrrr" wrote this:

"You won't see this on the news:


Tom Cryer BEAT the IRS, by simply demanding to see where it says he owed them anything. He said he would pay as soon as they showed him their authority to take his earnings.

They CANNOT do it, because there is no law. We are being scammed and de-frauded.

Ask your newspaper why this isn't front page news!"

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1/12/2008 4:46:12 AM

From what I understand of this, the problem arises when you have already paid taxes in the past. It sets a precedent that you recognize that the government has the right to tax you.

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1/12/2008 2:40:58 PM

Hi EWZuber,

That's a great point, and that's one of the reasons that I pay taxes.

On the other hand, when attorney Tom Cryer beat the IRS in open Federal Court in April 2007 he eloquently articulated the reasons why the present income tax system is unconstitutional. He took on the 800 lb. gorilla and mopped the floor with the big lug! At what personal cost? The IRS destroyed his law practice by interviewing his every client and warning them that their close association with Tom could be detrimental to their financial wellbeing.

Unfortunately for the IRS it now has a slam dunk, 12-0, decision rendered against it in open Federal Court thoroughly dismantling its presumed role and right in annually shaking down the American populace come April 15th.

I for one, regularly read Tom Cryer's memorandum that spells out in minute detail his successful Constitutional argument in Federal Court. It also dispels much, if not all, of the erroneous, confusing, and woefully misinformed banter and diatribe that is so glibly tossed about in forums when debating a hot-button issue such as this:

I believe that his case represents a watershed moment in the ongoing fight to rein in the lawless and domestic terrorism of the IRS. He has done the American public a great service in wending his way through the "labyrinth" of IRS double-speak in order to clearly present the SUCCESSFUL Constititutional argument -- both in plain sight to the reader as well as in open court against the taxing Goliath -- for everybody to peruse, to understand, to inspire, to embolden, and hopefully to implement when the national climate is ripe for the retaking of our "inalienable rights."

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1/12/2008 5:48:22 PM


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