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11/25/2007 8:27:50 PM

Advanced programming language access capabilities? Can any of us have access to this language? I see a number of members useing this coding that I never knew existed. I go into the indicators listing and use what is in there to create my filters. These members useing this advanced coding really get more detail into their filters and the results are very impressive.

Stock Fetcher, please reply when you can.

Thank you.

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11/25/2007 8:37:27 PM

I would still like to see "the code behind the code" for the triangle filters.

Adding additional indicators is not what I'm after. I want to be able to see how the code chooses the stocks it does, and then refine that code. I get many more triangles by scanning hundreds of stocks as opposed to the one's the fetch brings. And that is even considering the price/volume parameters I include.

If I have to scan all those with just these two eyeballs, my need for the SF service is diminished. The "time saved" is why I am here as it is just too valuable a commodity for me.

Not a complaint, but I've tinkered the triangles to death amd need some more capabilities.

Thanks, Grunt

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11/26/2007 10:13:46 AM

I would like to see the code for support/ resistance for my own modifications. thanks..

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11/26/2007 6:42:44 PM

Wondering if Stock Fetcher staff will respond to this thread. Maybe, this advanced code isn't supposed to be revealed ?

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11/26/2007 6:51:23 PM


Unfortunately, we are not sure what "advanced code" you are referring to. All of the StockFetcher language constructs are publicly available in either filter examples or the StockFetcher documentation.

Granted, there is an entirely different language/architecture used on the StockFetcher "back-end", but at this time this is not readily exposed as a user API.

Hope that helps!

Tom Support

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11/26/2007 7:28:14 PM

Thank you Tomb for the response and yes it does help. Thank you.

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