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11/27/2007 4:18:05 PM

A stock picker on the web boast he is able to pick the TOP 50 STOCKS each year going back 5 years. On a price performance basis starting January 1, 2006 and ending December 31, 2006 can someone write how to fetch the TOP 50 STOCKS in the Nasdaq in 2006? Thanks

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11/27/2007 5:25:58 PM

****************** TOP 2006 PERFORMERS ****************

Fetcher[set{price_begin_2006,close 250 days ago}

set{diff, close - close 250 days ago}
set{a, diff/close 250 days ago}

add column price_begin_2006
add column price_end_2006
add column 2006_anual_return%
anual_return is above 50
sort column 7 descending

close > 25
avg vol(90) > 500000

offset 1/1/2007

1/1/2007 becomes the reference date. Approx 250 trading days in a year. Calculations are done looking back from 1/1/2007.
PREFORMANCE column is how they have fared since then.
Adjust price/volumn etc.. to suit yourself.

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11/28/2007 4:14:00 PM

See SF, if we had AS OF DATE this would be simple to code.

Once again, we need to be able to code:

close as of 1/1/2006

high as of 12/31/2006


If necessary:

AsOf( ind, date)

we could code this way as follows:

AsOf( close, 12/31,2006) above AsOf( close, 1/1/2006)

I don't care which way you implement it, just, please, GET 'ER DONE!!

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11/28/2007 8:40:39 PM

I agree ... please add this!

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