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9/8/2007 10:09:06 PM

I'm baaack...

Still trying to get comfortable with all these indicators and measures.

Here's a pattern I want to screen for:

A strong negative MACD(12,26) [I'll call this a "low" MACD] followed by a higher but also negative MACD(12,26) followed by a lower MACD(12,26), but not as low as the previous low, followed by a day of rising MACD(12,26), all occurring within the last 15 days.

In other words, on a chart the MACD line looks like a deeper trough with a shallow trough to the right of it.

I thought I might be able to start with something along this line...

MACD(12,26) has been increasing for 1 days
set{minM,Min(MACD(12,26) within the last 15 days)}
minM < MACD(12,26)
set{maxM,Min(MACD(12,26) within the last 15 days)}
maxM > MACD(12,26)

...but... even this simple start didn't fly. Syntax isn't acceptable and I still haven't requested that minM has to occur before maxM.

Apparently, this isn't going to be that easy.

If this is do-able at all, I'm starting to think this might require a chain of linked filters.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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9/8/2007 10:36:11 PM

Instead of using a set statements and whatnot, why dontcha just utilize the "slope of whatever" measure?

Fetcher[Show stocks where the 15 day slope of the MACD Histogram(12,26) is above 0 and MACD Histogram(12,26) is below 0 for the last 15 days]

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