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11/10/2008 12:30:47 AM

Hey let's not forget about this good idea.

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11/10/2008 7:30:04 AM


some realtime, some 20 minute delay. TI and autochartist are cheap.

What kind of indicators/real time filters do you need to day trade?

I guess I have never had the need...but could be enlightened??

Edit: BTW, I intra-day trade 5-10 round tips a day, everyday.

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11/10/2008 12:01:43 PM

As for me, I would like an intraday backtest ability. Realtime isnt so much an issue for me.

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11/10/2008 12:41:20 PM

Real-Time is not needed at SF. Somehow there is a belief at SF that real-time will allow a person to make money.... This is not the case. Select a time-frame and trade it. Most people do not know how to trade, so whatever time frame they chose they lose money. Timing and risk management is everything.

Trade well.

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11/10/2008 1:12:55 PM

Even if Stock Fetcher could give us the basic filtering tools. For example, slow and fast stochatics, Williams %R, MACD and DMI tools / measurements. All of these geared to real time data.

I know when I mention this request on getting real time data for our filtering needs their are some of our forum members not liking it. I say, what harm does it do? The more tools and measurements in the real time environment only gives us lightning fast information to jump on an opportunity.

Those naysayers out there say, just pay into another online service and get that real time if you have to have it. Well, I don't really think that would be in the best interest of Stock Fetcher. Why not provide a more full service approach to their service? For instance, if you go into Clearstation, they are affliliated with E-Trade to do your trading once you have found the needed information inside Clearstations various panes of information, whether it be from their graphs, scenario portfolios you have created , or their own filtering finds. Stock Fetcher could mirror that approach by affiliating themselves with a brokerage house such as Fidelity and create an easy pathway to trading instantly without going to other web sites to do just that. That's right merging their capabilities with a big brokerage house like Fidelity would put them into the big time.

It's time Stock Fetcher comes forth and recognizes having real time filtering capability will only up their service to a higher level. Making them more valuable to us, the investor / trader that they are trying to capture and keep. Stock Fetcher is a wonderful service but can not rest on their past laurels. Continueing to improve their service will only help them.

I will fire off a letter suggesting these ideas to Stock Fetcher hoping someone on their staff will look into it. As usual, they will say sure we will look into it but really will they, lol.

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11/16/2008 1:38:47 PM

I may be mistaken, but I don't think SF gives intraday data. Can you look at the 1 minute chart for last thursday? Or the 5 minute chart for the same day? If so, please tell me how. If not, then I suspect that it would take on too much data to be able to provide this level of service.

Going to real time means keeping track of every second price change as it happens for every ticker. As I see it, SF collects 4 pieces of data at any given time for any ticker. Open, Close, High, Low. That is all. You cannot scroll back and see where a ticker was at say 2pm Friday. At least, i don't think you can. If you can, please show me how.

So for now, I assume that this is all SF keeps track of. I'd personally rather see them offer intraday data than real time data...but if they already offer intraday, and I simply don't know how to access it, then the next step is to offer real time. It could be a premium service added to the current offerings.

Moving to real time would require a lot of work for SF. If it's on the roadmap, I can see it taking years to fully implement. Or millions of $$$ in outsourced either figure out how to do it yourself, or pay someone else to do it for you.

Maybe some company has already done this, and is selling a turnkey package to enable real time. In this case, SF could drop down a one time lump sum, to be able to tap into the real time infrastructure. They'd still need to sew that data into their current platform which will take time.

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11/16/2008 10:23:09 PM

It's nice you all are thinking about this subject. I appreciate all your feedback. Maybe its too tall a task to ask for but still it's nice to table it for discussion.

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