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4/28/2016 1:14:57 PM

I'm involved with a local Investing Group (educational), and we're trying to put together a ranking mechanism of selected ETFs (such as the 9 SPDR Sector ETFs -- and others--). We're considering using the ROC indicator, over multiple (weekly) time periods. Our group meets weekly, and that is where we'll share the results (each week) of our results. So far, I have been using the ROC indicator in StockFetcher to accomplish our ranking purposes.

So far, here are some of our thoughts (for weighting purposes):

.....1 --- 4 -- 13 -- 52
....wk, wks, wks, wks
a) 20....30....40....10 = 100%
b) 40....20....20....20 = 100%
c) 20....30....50......0 = 100%

Here are some of our thoughts on the above choices (note..we're retirees):

a) Would reward the staircase progression of ideal "lower-left to upper-right" stock movement, with most emphasis on the quarterly figure (13 weeks). Is including a yearly segment (52 wks.) going back to far?
b) Would certainly pick up momentum moves faster (40% on Week #1), but there would probably be more flipping. Again... is going back 1 year too far?
c) Similar to (a), but gets rid of the 1-year lookback in the equation.

I would appreciate comments from my fellow SF subscribers regarding the 3 choices above, or add your suggested weighting equation. Thank you, thank you!

Gene in FL

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4/28/2016 9:37:29 PM

Here is a site I use for ETF's

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4/29/2016 12:03:13 AM

I would seriously review matrix for a group of etf's call and get a free trial...


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4/29/2016 4:42:50 AM

Dashover -- Thanks for the info on I'll look into that.

Our Investment Group (ETF Committee) already has a database of selected ETFs (max. 100) from the following categories:

-- Broad USA (eg., SPY, DIA, QQQ)
-- Sectors (eg., XLV, XLF)
-- Industries (eg., ITB, XRT)
-- Bonds (eg., LQD, AGG, TLT)
-- Country (eg., EFA, EEM, EWG)
-- Commodity (eg., GLD, DBA)
-- Currency (eg., UUP, FXE, FXY)
-- Inverse -1x (SH, DOG, RWM)
-- Other (VNQ, PKW)

What we are currently attempting to do is formulate a suitable (I know, nothing is perfect for "all seasons") mix of ROC time periods (3 or 4) that will help us rank the ETFs on a weekly basis. That is the purpose of this thread... to seek SF user input on our 3 suggested mix of weekly time periods, or if there are suggestions for a different set of % ROC time periods, we welcome constructive input.

We're also including 3 basic technicals -- per each ETF -- on our standard 1-line SF output:

1) Price-to-50 day % diff
2) RSI (14)
3) MACD (12,26,9)

Anyway... sure would like to hear from others here give their thoughts on our 3 ROC weighted mix alternatives (or other possibilities). And if you would like to comment on our 3 technicals, speak up too (some in our local Group have limited knowledge of technicals). I plan to continue using StockFetcher for this project. Enjoy this software!


Gene in FL

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