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12/7/2005 1:13:43 PM

Found this ....

You Get What You Focus On

Here is another easy test that demonstrates that what you put your attention on is what you will produce. If you are in your home or office, simply glance around the room and notice everything you see that is red. Take a moment, and really look.

Now, close your eyes. Count to five, and then...quickly, name everything in the room that is blue. Ah ha! First, you probably expected the test to be about your memory, so you might have made a real effort to notice what was red, but in doing so, your brain filtered out everything else.

Naming something you didn't focus on is much more difficult. Every time you get in your car and drive a familiar route, look around and notice something you haven't noticed before.
Perception and Illusion Can Alter a Trader's Reality

The purpose of these simple exercises is to show how perception and illusion can alter a trader's reality and ability to see what is there to be seen. If you form an opinion about the market, direction, distance, etc. your brain will seek to assist by filtering what does not support your position.

You'll find signals to support your belief (if there are any to find), but you will miss obvious signals that dispute your position and might even prove a good setup for a trade in the other direction. Hindsight nearly always finds these "obvious" signals. Keep a neutral bias as much as possible.

While you are in a trade, instead of looking for more data to support your "excellent decision" look for data to dispute your position. Seek the opposite while trading and you'll develop better money management skills.

If you are looking to place a trade, look for signs that your trade is wrong, not right. Tally the signs for or against, and stick closely to your rules. No matter what your think you see, there is always another way to perceive any given situation.

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