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2/14/2004 8:50:12 AM

i cant seem to get an a,s or descending triangle to fit tasr in nov. and
jan. with "show stocks where pattern is XXX triangle and volume(20) is above
50000 and and price is above 10 and price gain is above 3%" Am looking for a
screen that sees that pivot point. trying to fit the likes of tasr and hrt, then, refine from there. I like to keep it simple with indicators(price,volatility,volume).in the past have always watched 10 or less stocks and would like to watch more and be a couple hundred percent earlier. would appreciate any help on this type of filter.

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2/14/2004 11:05:15 AM

RTUCKER, i'm sure someone can help you with your triangle question,in the meantime i can tell you of a filter that picks up the likes of TASR and HRT on a regular basis,maybe by your charting of the matches you will be able to find the triangle pattern you are looking for and/or you will find other clues as i have in their charts that are as good or better than what you seek now....go to Filter Exchange and find the topic New Darvis Box 10-24,then go to my post on 1-3, this filter picked up your TASR 9-26,11-3,11-11,12-16,2-3 giving one many chances of an entry,also HRT was found 1-2 and 1-29 and i'm sure only its low volume ave until december kepy it from appearing earlier,of course you will have to change my $1-10 price criteria to above $10 to find TASR HRT ...hope this helps,best of luck!

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