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8/6/2007 8:27:37 PM

TIDE @ .18 out .30
GTRE @ 1.36 out 1.86
SFLK @ .05 out .09, still has more legs
MENV @ .04 out .03 live trade lost! 2 trades earlier this year 1 win 1 loss
MBIR @ .04 out still in
NIHK @.085 out .19 earlier pick(live trade)traded this stock earlier this year!
HAZH @ .025 out .025
SSVG @ .02 out .018
HMGP @ .22 out .37
DSCM @ 2.89 out 2.83
IAGR @ .02 out .028
ARTG @ 2.80 out 2.87
AAGH @ .075 out .081

Trend line break(in)
RSI Above 75(out)
paper trades except for 2 lost one, gained one!

I tracked these on the trend line, RSI @ 75 was sell signal
one turned from 69 headed south, got scared, sold!
I tried to be as honest as possible, add emotions with money on the line and could be a different story! but I figure backtesting would be about the same thing!
I have mentioned all these stocks here on the post!
I think this system has merit, 14 more days of paper trades and we go live!

Watch MBIR gapped up today, may be a stickler! I pulled up GTRE twice and got 2 different prices on chart, has that happened to anyone?
Im really scared to post this, oh well!

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9/2/2007 7:31:23 PM

Did you find these with a scan then...?

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9/2/2007 10:34:54 PM

yes I found them with a scan!

it is basic!

I hate indicators except for the RSI(14) they are lagging so they lie!

its just a trend line! based on a 10% gain, its old news here on SF, I cant take credit for it except for the actuall research to line all the charts!

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9/27/2007 6:45:22 PM

Hey Jr:
Penny crap pick from the pinks:

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9/27/2007 6:46:34 PM


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9/27/2007 7:21:24 PM

Those are 2 more China plays.
But looking at the charts, it might be too late.
I tend to like to get in as close to the "bottom" as possible, not play the momentum.
But ya' never know .... it IS China.

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9/27/2007 8:34:37 PM

This "stock" was up 46% today.
Today's trading range was 0.31 to 0.50.
Yesterday's range was 0.08 to 0.36 cents.
Per Yahoo, here's the description of the "company"., Inc. does not have significant operations. It intends to acquire or merge with an operating business.

I would never buy junk like this. I don't care how much money somebody made ... on bull$#!&!!

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