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3/16/2008 10:26:46 AM

what indicators do you find the most powerfull?, or what indicators do you use regularly?

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3/17/2008 12:53:36 AM

Keep it simple, use the stochastics and macd. Use them as triggers to quality stocks. Dive in when the market is happy. Smile when you win and always know losing is ok as long as you learn from it and keep it minimal.

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3/17/2008 5:26:30 AM

JMHO, but I have found MACD to be a lagging indicator.
Stochastics, trendlines and Williams %R are some of my main indicators.
W%R is the only leading indicator I know of.

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3/17/2008 8:06:26 AM

All good points. Consider the slope of the 50 day moving average. If positive, then the probability of profits are much higher than when its headed down. Next which moving averages is on top. If the MA10 is on top the stock has promise.

Check out SDS, SKF, DOG, etc. MA10 is above the MA50 and the MA50 is above the MA200. For swing or longer term trading, this is a reasonable way to play it.

I know this sounds simple, but Boone Pickens says, 'an idiot with a plan will beat a genius without a plan any day.'

Mal Berko recommends the triple play. MACD, Slo Sto and RSI are all in dive mode. Be careful, some of these stock never pull out of their dive. If you play this way, S&P500 stocks tend to recover from dives better than other stocks.

You might also want to experiment with mfi(3) = 0. Generally, when the MFI3 hits zero, it pulls up in the next several trading sessions. Don't get greedy though settle for 3 to 5% profit.

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3/17/2008 1:23:24 PM

Frankly, I think it's downright dangerous to rely on indicators when the Dow Jones index ($DJIA) can bounce or break by more than 100 points in less than 10 minutes. Having said that, I do closely monitor the interaction between Bollinger and Keltner bands to decipher a potential reversal point. Other than that, it's purely price action. After all, timing is everything in this biz.

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3/17/2008 2:00:26 PM

Niko is right. My experience as a swing trader has been that knowing the broad market trends and their key support/resistance levels is a critical element in a successful stock timing system.

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3/17/2008 6:55:09 PM

Well, sorry guys but I don't agree.
I use the same set up in any time frame.
MA's; 10, 15, 25 & 50. On 1,5,30,60 minute charts, EoD, EoW & EoM charts.
Slow Stochastics 5,3,3 & W%R 14 & Trendlines.
By changing the buy and sell signal requirements the discipline will suffer along with the success rate.

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3/17/2008 8:19:15 PM

PRICE is #1 indicator.


But if you MUST use "squigglys"...

RSI(2) and EMA(5).

Combine those two with LINEAR REGRESSION CHANNEL.

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3/17/2008 10:24:01 PM

DORONELIASIAN : There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to technical indicators. I do a lot of swing trading ( mostly options ) and utilize short term indicators. you may vary the indicator time frames to achieve what ever lever of pain and suffering you can stand. When looking for examples to potentially increase in value, I use the following indicators and time frames. They work for me, but we must all satisfy our own needs. MACD 9,12,5 = VIX daily indicator= ADX 3 = RSI 2 = WM%R 5 = CCI 6 =SLOW STOCHASTC 5,3 = ROC 7 and of course the 3 and 6 day simple moving average. Just use these only after you study and understand their application and additionally how they must be effectively utilized in the various market conditions..LUCK,,,,,,,,Dean

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3/18/2008 10:58:48 AM

Price is the #1 indicator but without an oscillator or OB/OS indicator of some kind you don't know if you are buying when the cycle is near a peak.

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