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9/16/2016 9:12:26 PM

If building a refreshed website that tracks all open and closed positions that will be unavailable to old subscribers is a fraud, than I guess I am a fraud?

A service that costs $1 a day more than the old site...

After subscribing to 10+ option newsletters over the years and letting every subscription lapse, I set out to try and provide a better approach and it takes daily work.

It was all about tracking every position which the old website did not do, and old subscribers won't have access to.

Options trading is a difficult exploit, you can easily get a run of 3-10 trades in a row that go against
you, so it's easy to get disheartened.

But I've seen solid progress over the last few years, and so I continue...


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9/17/2016 5:35:31 AM

Dash, I do apologize if I have prematurely jumped to conclusions about what's going on with oz and all. I've been subjected to so much disinfo and outright fraud in the financial world that I've grown really weary of it. When I saw Moskowitz's website my defenses went into red alert. Perhaps you could make what you are doing, and how it came about, more clear. It really does look like some kind of gimmick going on when you dig a little bit, and we all need to be cautious when spending money for help in the nutso world of modern market finances.

And don't you think suddenly doubling what the Moskowitz Report was charging is kind of an extreme jump? (Actually it was triple until you lowered the price.)

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9/17/2016 9:53:37 PM

My opinion is to never pay for trade reports and etc. I'm not saying everyone is a scam but most are and don't know how to trade. The best trading advice I've gotten is free.

I read these techniques of traders and these folks must not trade them because there is now way for them to make money. A lot of pay stuff is for how to trade but not what you trade or how to manage the trade. If you've perfected and entry that is awesome. But when do you get out? No one ever tells you this.

There is good content out there. And it's free.

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