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8/24/2005 10:15:48 AM

We've just released a beta version of a chart annotation tool for StockFetcher flash based charts. To start drawing trend lines right away, just click and draw a line. For other annotation options:

  • Click the annotation icon to display the toolbar:

    We still have lots to add before the official release (such as saving, improved callouts, etc..) so let us know what you think!

    Note: This feature requires the MacroMedia flash control and that your chart settings are set to "Flash Charts".

    StockFetcher Support

  • DasKapital
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    8/24/2005 11:26:22 AM

    A fantastic addition!

    2 Questions:

    1) How do you delete an annotation. I see how to reposition and resize.

    2) Can the "split indicators" be removed from charts. They look too much
    like the pointers.


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    8/24/2005 11:41:24 AM

    To delete, click on the "Arrow" looking icon then click near the endpoint of one of the lines or objects. Then hit your delete key or the 'X'.

    We'll look at what can be done with the split indicators. Would it also work if we were to change the up/down arrow shapes?

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    8/24/2005 12:55:28 PM

    This is an excellent addition-thanks for updating StockFether...

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    8/29/2005 8:55:24 AM

    Great addition

    Is there any way to draw a trendline at a certain angle from a low or high point?
    For example a 45 degree angle (or any user defined angle) from a low point and then to be able to extend the right side of the chart to see where the angle will be in the future would be an excellent addition.

    Thanks for the great work,


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    10/11/2005 5:53:20 AM

    I am unable to find a way to print the charts after using/marking them with this excellent tool. Is it possible, or not. And, if not, is that something that could be incorporated in the future.

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    11/6/2005 5:25:15 PM

    Fibonacci retracement tools would be nice to.

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    2/19/2006 6:26:33 PM

    great features: I would like to give my wish list:

    1. As you drag the cursor, can the y value(price) be given of the horizontal line?
    2. Could there be an option to extend the chart beyond the right side creating blank "paper" marked with the price and date scales?

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    3/7/2006 10:16:40 PM

    There is nobody that likes all the color graphics (etc.) more than me.
    But my view is that time should be spent figuring out how to add market breath tools and indicators before all the graphics stuff.
    The right tools work really well, even out of a brown paper tool box.
    Stockfetcher is my favorite screener but we need world class tools before a world class tool box.
    Bullish Percent Index (BPI)
    Arms Index (TRIN)
    Volatility Index (VIX)
    Advance-Decline Line
    McClellan Oscillator
    McClellan Summation Index
    Stocks above their 200, 150, or 50-Day SMA
    ... etc.


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    6/29/2006 4:08:15 PM

    I am unable to use either the horizontal or verticle curser recently
    nor can I get previous day's price reading. Where am I going wrong?
    I don't have the little icon showing up on my recent charts.

    Thanks, Harvey Brown

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