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8/11/2007 12:23:12 AM

...all these YouTube ""

...that seem to be popping up everywhere these days are good for one thing...and one thing only !


Trade the moves and STFU with all the whining and theatrics..."YouTube SuckMyNasdaq Boy" !!!

All in my opinion of course.



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8/11/2007 1:07:40 AM

It just shows that not everyone was cut out for trading. Theatrics? They've had their theatrics when the market rose for the last 18-plus months. Betcha most of them thought they were born-again geniuses made to perfection. After hearing so many braggadocios who made the same claim back in the late '90s, only to end up in the skid row when the market crashed, I'm not at all surprised.

All in my opinion of course.

BTW, what's the need for anyone to STFU in a time like this? I'm having a ball.

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8/12/2007 5:01:31 AM

Market chaos is a good thing, it's natures way of eliminating the weak links. I bet we don't see these so called guru's wagging their tongues so much after this all plays out. Everyone has their anecdote, and these youtube pundits are no different. What a bargain $199 a month, for a system that most Stockfetcher participants have already created and performs better. Having been on Niko's board for a few days, I can say that the participants in the forum were very skilled at what they do. 13th you are lightening in a bottle, excellent trades. Karen you have a knack of finding stocks on the decline, I know you cleaned up this past week. Swarmi your system is legendary. I say we give it another try the forum. This past week was exhausting for most traders, and that is the reason for a poor showing in the forum. Most traders were monitoring their trades very closely, not allowing a loss or profit to slip away. Lets not let a good thing slip away. Bob

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8/12/2007 9:00:22 AM

yes, niko's forum was fun.
after niko shut down his chat, I went to muddy's, but I must say, I enjoyed our small group. Plus, it was a "part-time" group. Muddy's chat is opened all day.
One thing I noticed .. EVERYONE is doing something different.
Eventho' we post our picks, everyone seems to be doing their own thing .. "scalping", I guess.
I generally don't trade someone else's picks because my own plays are already set in the morning or the day before.
Nevertheless, it was amazing to see all the stocks posted that never hit my radar.
Oh my ...!
So many stocks, so little time ... and too few computer monitors!
What a dilemma!

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8/12/2007 1:18:08 PM

Karen, the chat room was never "shut down". It's still there. So make use of it should you wish. I'll be there from time to time to check if you don't burn the house down (stock market, that is). ;)

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8/12/2007 3:28:59 PM

In the pantheon of the lunatic YouTube pundits, here's an Average Joe whose views I find refreshing. Not exactly the type from the Freakfest camp, but very enjoyable to watch and, at times, educational―particularly in this segment about "scale trading".

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8/12/2007 3:44:23 PM

msummer2007 and others,

Note that, as a disclaimer, I'm not advocating for anyone to join the so-called "club" of these YouTube pundits. Elsewhere in this forum, there's a thread dedicated to cracking the code from the newsletters one receives in the email. Basically, the idea is to nail the stock that is not so glaring obvious in the newsletter. The same idea applies to these YouTubers. The free information they disseminate is sane enough IMHO to take into consideration in this volatile time.

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8/13/2007 2:12:54 PM

Since you're a "U-tube" expert ...
CNBC just interviewed Muriel Siebert and some guy w/ gray hair regarding market volatility.
If you can post the video, I'm sure others would benefit from seeing it.
The interview was very good (around 2:00pm today)

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8/13/2007 4:53:14 PM

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8/13/2007 8:21:38 PM

The Holygrail. ( for an instant in time)

Every dog has its day.

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